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Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos ~ Daniel Amos (1976) Daniel Amos ~ Shotgun Angel (1977) Daniel Amos ~ Horrendous Disc (1978-81) Daniel Amos ~ Wondrous Cosmic Flashes (1978-80) Daniel Amos ~ Ten Biggies From Beyond (1978-79) Daniel Amos ~ Alarma! (1981) Daniel Amos ~ Doppelganger (1983) Daniel Amos ~ Vox Humana (1984) Daniel Amos ~ Fearful Symmetry (1986) Daniel Amos ~ Darn Floor - Big Bite (1987) Daniel Amos ~ Kalhoun (1991) Daniel Amos ~ MotorCycle (1993) Daniel Amos ~ Bibleland (1994) Daniel Amos ~ Songs of the Heart (1995) Daniel Amos ~ Mr Buechner's Dream (2001) Daniel Amos ~ Dig Here Said the Angel (2013)

Daniel Amos - Shotgun Angel - Horrendous Disc & Other Marvelous Mysteries - Wondrous Cosmic Flashes - Ten Biggies - ¡Alarma! - Doppelgänger - Vox Humana - Fearful Symmetry - Darn Floor / Big Bite - Kalhoun - MotorCycle - BibleLand - Songs of the Heart - Mr Buechner's Dream - Dig Here Said the Angel

A Little Grace
A Sigh For You
After All These Years
'Aint Gonna Fight It
And So It Goes
Angels Tuck You In
As Long As I Live
As The World Turns
The Author of the Story
Autographs For The Sick
Baby Game
Banquet at the Worlds End
Beautiful One
The Bible
Big Time / Big Deal
Big Warm, Sweet, Interior Glowing
Black Gold Fever
Broken Ladders to Glory
The Bubble Bursts
Buffalo Hills
Can't Go Around the Cross
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (Gaudio/Crewe)
Cinema Girl
Central Theme
Child On A Leash
Cloak and Dagger
Colored By
Constance of the Universe
Dance Stop
Darn Floor Big Bite
Days and Nights
The Devil's Elbow
Dig Here Said the Angel
Distance and Direction
Divine Instant
Do Anything For You
Do Big Boys Cry?
Donna Nietche and Her Super Race of Kick Boxing Uber Parrots
Don't Light Your Own Fire
The Double
Dusty Road
Earth Household
Easy For You
Endless Summer
Everyone's Fallen Down
Faces to the Window
Fairy Tale
Faithful Street
Farther Along (Traditional)
Father Explains
Fathers Arms
Flash In Your Eyes
Flying Saucer (UFO)
Forward In Reverse
Gate of the World
Get Into the Bus, Aloha
Ghost of the Heart
Ghost Riders In The Sky (Jones)
The Glory Road
Grace is the Smell of Rain
Half Light, Epoch and Phase
Happily Married Man
Hello Aloha
Here I Am
He's Gonna Do A Number On You
Hit Them
Hole in the World
Hollow Man
Hollow Man (Reprise)
Hollow Man (Alternate)
Hollow Man (Reprise - Alternate)
Holy Rollin' Again
Home Permanent
Horrendous Disc
Hound of Heaven
I Believe In You
I Can't Resist You
I Didn't Build It For Me
I Get Around (Brian Wilson/Mike Love)
I Get To Wondering
I Love You #19
I Will Return
If You Want To
I'll Be Righ Here Waiting
I'll Get Over It
I'm On Your Team
In Everything Give Thanks
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Instruction Thru Film
It's Sick
(It's the 80's, So Where's Our) Rocket Packs?
Jesus Is Jehovah to Me
Jesus Wept
Jonah and the Whale
Lady Goodbye
Like Lazarus (Crime Horse)
Little Crosses
Little Things
Live and Let Live
Losers and Winners
Love, Grace and Mercy
Love Has Open Arms
Love In A Yielded Heart
Low Crawls and High Times
The Lucky Ones
Mall (All Over The World)
Man in the Moon
The Man That Can't Be Mentioned
Mary Baker Eddy
Maybe All I Need
Meant For You (Brian Wilson/Mike Love)
Memory Lane
Mr Buechner Wakes Up
Mr. Buechner's Dream
My Beautiful Martyr
My Frontier
My Hand to God
My Room
(Near Sighted Girl with Approaching) Tidal Wave
Never Leave You
Neverland Ballroom
New Car!
No Spaceship
Nobody Will
Noelle (10 Biggies)
Noelle (MotorCycle)
Note to Anna
Now That I've Died
Nowhere is Someplace
Off My Mind
On The Line
Only One (Original Version)
Only One (1990 Version)
The Organ Bar
Ordinary Extraordinary Day
Our New Testament Best
Our Night To Howl, Time To Go Dancing
Out in the Cold
Out of Town
Over Her Shoulder
Pay For Surf
Pete and Repeat
Pictures of the Gone World
The Pool
Posse in the Sky
Praise Song
Praise the Lord (Brendlin/Coomes/Field/Girard/Truax)
Prayer Wheel
Pregnant Pause
Prelude: A Servant's Prayer
Pretty Little Lies
Real Girls
Return of the Beat Menace
Ribbons and Bows
Rice Paper Wings
Ridin' Along
The Ruthless Hum of Dread
Safety Net
Sail Me Away
Salvation Wings
Secret Scripts and 3D Glasses
Shadow Catcher
The Shape of Air
She Gets To Me
She's A Hard Drink
She's All Heart
She's Working Here
Shedding the Mortal Coil
Shotgun Angel (Bill Sprouse, jr)
Sins Of The Fathers
Sky King (Out Across the Sky)
Sleep Silent Child
Skeptic's Song
Small Great Things
So Certain
So Far, So Good
So Long
So Long Again
The Staggering Gods
Steal Away
Stone Away
Stones of Venice (Crime Horse)
Strange Animals
Strong Hand of Love (Mark Heard)
Strong Points, Weak Points
Sudden Heaven
The Sun Shines On Everyone
Sun's Down in the West (Crime Horse)
Takes A Heartache
Taking A Fall
The Tale You Told
Theo's Logic
Thick Skin
This Is The One
Through the Speakers
Tracking The Amorous Man
Traps, Ensnares
Turn This Off
Twilight Love
The Unattainable Earth
Uneasy Lies the Head of the Confedence Man
The Uses of Adversity
Virgin Falls
Waking Up Under Water
Walking on the Water
Walls of Doubt
Weather Girl
We'll All Know Soon Enough
(Whats Come) Over Me
When Everyone Wore Hats
When Moonlight Sleeps (on the Frosted Hill)
When Worlds Collide
The Whistler
Who's Who Here?
William Blake
Wise Acres
The Wonder Is You
You Always Run Away From Love
Your Hidden Hand
Your Long Year
Youth With A Machine

Terry Scott Taylor

Terry Scott Taylor ~ Knowledge & Innocence (1986) Terry Scott Taylor ~ A Briefing for the Ascent (1987) Terry Scott Taylor ~ John Wayne (1998) Various Artists ~ Surfonic Water Revival (1998) Terry Scott Taylor ~ Avocado Faultline (2000) Terry Scott Taylor ~ Songs for the Day After Christmas (2002) Terry Scott Taylor ~ Random Acts & Hodgepodge (2002) Terry Scott Taylor ~ LITTLE, big (2002) Various ~ Making God Smile (2002) Terry Scott Taylor ~ All Day Sing & Dinner on the Ground (2003) Terry Scott Taylor ~ Imaginarium (2004) Terry Scott Taylor ~ Swine Before Pearls, Vol 1 (2010) Terry Scott Taylor ~ ...Astonishment of the Heart (2011) Terry Scott Taylor ~ Return to the Neverhood (2012) Terry Scott Taylor ~ Bedroom Demos (2015-Present)

Knowledge And Innocence - A Briefing for the Ascent - John Wayne - Avocado Faultine - LITTLE, Big - All Day Sing & Dinner on the Ground - Imaginarium - Swine Before Pearl Vol 1 - Swine Before Pearl Vol 2 - Return to the Neverhood - Bedroom Demos -

A Briefing for the Ascent
A Great Good Is Coming
A Song You Cannot Hear
The Afternoon
All Day Sing And Dinner On The Ground
All The World is Groaning
All The Very Best Things
And They Turned Water Into Wine
Angels Must Smile Like That
August Dupin
Barnacle Bill
Be That As It May
Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster)
Beautiful Mystery
The Belfry
Between Nashville and L.A.
Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Big Fruitcake From Hell
Big Shot & Miniature Girl
Boltzmann's Brain
Broken Together
Building Babylon
Built Her A Cloud
Calvary Road
Capistrano Beach
Capture Me
Chicken Crosses the Road
The Christian Life (The Louvin Brothers)
Cloud of Witnesses
Come All To Bethlehem
Cowboys with Engines
Dancing on Light
The Days of Second Hand
Dear Captain/The Bible (Jubal's Last Band)
Deep Calling
Especially Special
Ever After
The Everlasting Man
Every Tuesday of the Week
Flannery's Eyes
For Me To Live is Christ
Gas Station Hot Dog
Glorious Dregs
Glory Road (1971)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Traditional)
Going Home (Traditional)
Good Bread, Good Meat, Good God, Let's Eat
The Good Dream
Happy Campers
Happy Old Man (Knott)
He Is Not Here
He Said 'It's So Beautiful'
He Touched Me
The Healing Tree
Heavenly Home (Judge Rainbow and the Prophetic Trumpets)
Here And Now
Here He Comes Second Time
Hey John Wayne
High Tech Tribulation Force
The Hits Keep Coming
The Holes In The Hands
Holy Emmanuel
I Don't Know What Time It Is
I Got Ants in My Pants
I Just Don't Like You
I Like It Like That
I May Never Know
I Need A Sign
I Plan, God Laughs
Idiot Boy (Ron Sexmith)
I'll Stop Loving You
In My Life (Lennon/McCartney)
In Our Waning Days
In The In-Between
In The Meantime
The Industry Sings to Jessica Lange
The Inn
Into the Deep
It's Christmas Time
It's Only Love (Lennon/McCartney)
I've Been Working
Jesus Is Still Crying For the World
Jesus Saved My Soul (Good Shepherd)
Kind Word
Knock Knock
Lift Up Your Hearts (Sorsum Corda)
Light of the World (Jubal's Last Band)
Light of the World (Invade A Thousand Points of Dark)
Light Princess
Little Old Ladies Playing Bingo
Long, Long, Long (George Harrison)
Love Has Open Arms (Judge Rainbow and the Prophetic Trumpets)
Love Sings A Song In My Heart
Love Won't Wait Forever
Lovely Lilly Lou
The Mad Wind
Mamas in the Desert, Daddy's in the Sky
The Meek
Mia Moon
Molly is a Metaphor
Mr. Flutter
My Hand Moves
My Love, My Love
My New Old Christmas Song
My Valentine
No Einstein
Ode To Oscar Wilde
Oh Shenandoah (Traditional)
Oh Sweet Companion
Olley Olley Oxen Free
On My Feed Again (Knott)
One More Time
(Out of) The Wild Wood
Papa Danced On Olvera Street
Picture Of You
Pie Hole
Pretend I'm Elvis (For Just One Night)
Real Country
Real Men Cry
River of Sorrow
Rob's and Carolee's
The Rough and Tumble
Running In Place
Sensible Shoes and Action Slacks
Signs & Wonders
Simple Man (Knott)
Simple Things
Song of Innocence
Sputnik (8K71PS)
Startin' Monday
Stone In My Shoe
Talitha Kum
Ten Gallon Hat
These Are the Last Days
Together, With Love
Too Many Angels
Trick of the Light
Under the Mercy
Vegetables (Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks)
The Very One I Love
Walkin' With My Lord
Wanna Be Ready
Waterloo Sunset (Ray Davies)
The Way Home
We Three Kings (Traditional)
Welcome Mia!
Welcome To The Real World
What's Wrong with the Boy?
Where Dreams Come True
Will Have To Do For Now
Wind Chimes and Mr. Wind
With the Tired Eyes of Faith
With What I Should Have Said
The Wolves At Bayr
The Wood Between The Worlds
The World Next Door
Worried Waters
Wounded Healer
Writer's Block
You Got A Good One There
You Lay Down
You Ring My Bell
You Told Them Exactly What I Didn't Say
Your Thief

The Swirling Eddies

Swirling Eddies ~ Let's Spin! (1988) Swirling Eddies ~ Outdoor Elvis (1989) Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor ~ The Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love (1990) Swirling Eddies ~ Zoom Daddy (1994) Swirling Eddies ~ The Berry Vest of... (1995) Swirling Eddies ~ Sacred Cows (1996) Swirling Eddies ~ the midget, the speck and the molecule (2007)

Let's Spin! - Outdoor Elvis - The Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love - Zoom Daddy - Sacred Cows - The Midget, The Speck and The Molecule

A Humble Man Rises
A Medley Of Our Hit
Alcatraz (Denson)
All the Way to Heaven
All Things to All Men (Dialogue)
Art Carney's Dream
Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party
Attack of the Pulpit Masters
Baby Baby (Grant/Thomas)
The Big Guns
The Big Guns 1990 (Mellow Version with vocals)
Big House (Blair/Herdman/McGinniss/Stuart)
Billy Graham
Blowing Smoke
Catch That Angel
Convertibles (Gershmehl/Smiley/Kennedy)
(Disco) Love Grapes
Don't Ask Me How I Feel
Don't Hate Yourself
Don't Hate Yourself-Pulpit Masters (Extended Undanceable Remix)
Driving in England
Ed Takes A Vacation
Elimination (The Band That Won't Go Away)
Fruit O' Ministry (Dialogue)
Giants In The Land
God Good, Devil Bad (Degarmo & Key)
Glorious Dregs
God Went Bowling
The Golden Girl of the Golden West
Hell Oh
Hide the Beer the Pastor's Here
Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here (Party Version)
Hold Back the Wind, Donna
Holy, Holy, Holy
I Had A Bad Experience with the C.I.A. and Now I'm Gonna Show You My Feminine Side
I Luv Rap Music (Gore/McKeehan)
I Use the 'J' Word (Degarmo & Key)
It All Depends
I've Got An Idea
Knee Jerk
The Large Family We Always Wanted (Dialogue)
Let's Spin
Little Dumbo (Dialogue)
Madonna Inn
The Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love (Dialogue)
Mr. Sharky
Multipurpose Man
My Cardboard Box
Mystery Babylon
Nightmare at the Elks Lodge
Not For Me (Boyce/Lee)
Outdoor Elvis
Rodeo Drive
Pyro Sets A Wildfire
Rubber Sky
Salton sea
Satan, Bite the Dust! (Carman)
Sing-Along Song (Sweet/Sweet)
Snow In A Can
Some Friendly Advice
Sprinkler Head (Sprinkler Head)
Strange Days
Sweet Mother of God
The Midget, The Speck, And The Molecule
The Old Hitchhiker
The Twist
This Is The Title
Tiny Town
Urban Legends
Wacky Fan Letter (Dialogue)
With the Tired Eyes of Faith
What A World, What A World
Yer Little Gawd
Young People's Ethnic Ministry (Dialogue)
Zoom Daddy

The Lost Dogs

Lost Dogs ~ Scenic Ruutes (1992) Lost Dogs ~ Little Red Riding Hood (1993) Lost Dogs ~ The Green Room Serenade, Vol 1 (1996) Various Artists ~ Surfonic Water Revival (1998) Lost Dogs ~ Gift Horse (1999) Lost Dogs ~ Real Men Cry (2001) Various ~ Making God Smile (2002) Lost Dogs ~ Nazarene Crying Towel (2003) Lost Dogs ~ Mutt (2004) Lost Dogs ~ Island Dreams (2005) Lost Dogs ~ The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees (2006) Lost Dogs ~ Old Angel (2010) Lost Dogs ~ We Like To Have Christmas (2010)

Scenic Routes - Little Red Riding Hood - Green Room Serenade, Vol 1 - Gift Horse - Real Men Cry - Nazarene Crying Towel - MUTT - The Lost Cabin & the Mystery Trees - Old Angel - We Like to Have Christmas

America's Main Street
A Blessing in Disguise
A Certain Love
A Vegas Story (Free Drinks and A Dream)
'Aint Gonna Fight It
All That Remains
Amber Waves Goodbye
Bad Indigestion
Be My Hiding Place
Beautiful Scandalous Night
Breathe Deep (The Breath of God)
Broken Like Brooklyn
Built for Glory, Made to Last
Bullet Train
Burn It Up
Bush League
Carry Me
Close But No Cigar
Come Down Here
Crushing Hand
Cry Baby
Cry Out Loud
Dancin' on the Devil's Elbow
Darkest Night
Dead End Diner
Deeper In The Heart
Desert Flowers
Devil's Elbow
Diamonds to Coal
Dunce Cap
Dust in My Bowl
Dust On The Bible (Johnny and Walter Bailes)
Eleanor it's Raining Now
Farther Along (Traditional)
The Fortunate Sons
Free At Last
Gates of Eden
Get Me Ready
Ghost Train to Nowhere
The Glory Road
Golden Dreams
Goodbye Winslow
Grace Is The Smell Of Rain
The Great Divide
The Green Room Serenade
Hard Times Come Again No More (Foster)
Hardening My Heart
Hey You Little Devil
Home Again
Honeysuckle Breeze
I Am A Pilgrim (Traditional)
I Can't Say Goodbye
I Don't Love You
If It Be Your Will (Cohen)
If You Loved Here, You'd Be Home By Now
If You Want To
I'm A Loser (Lennon/McCartney)
I'm Setting You Free (But I'm Not Letting You Go)
Imagine That
In The Distance
Israelites & Okies
It's So Sad
Jesus Loves You Brian Wilson
Jesus On The Shore
The Last Testament of Angus Shane
Like A Cloud
Lord, Protect My Child (Dylan)
The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees
Love Takes Over the World
Loved And Forgiven
Lovely Man
The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and the Pride of Life
Make Believe
The Mark of Cain
Mercy Again
Moses In the Desert
The Net
The New Physics
No Room For Us
No Shadow of Turning
No Ship Coming In
Old and Lonesome
Old Angel
One More Day
Only One Bum In Corona del Mar
Pearl Moon
Pray Where You Are
Precious Memories (Traditional)
The Prodigal Bride (I'll Wait for You)
Real Men Cry
Reasonable Service
Rebecca Go Home
Red, White and Blue
Rocky Mountain Mines
Scenic Routes
Sunshine Down
Sweet Work of Love
That's Where Jesus Is
There You Are
This Business Is Goin' Down
Three Legged Dog
To Cover You
Traveling Mercies
Turn it Around
Waiting for You To Come Around
The Wall of Heaven
When The Judgment Comes
Whispering Memories
Why is the Devil Red?
Wicked Guns
Wild Ride
With Me Tonight (Brian Wilson)
The World is Against Us
The Yearning
You Gotta Move (Traditional)
You Satisfy

Film, Television & Video Games

Terry Scott Taylor ~ Imaginarium (2004)
Imaginarium : Songs from the Neverhood

"Beep Bop Bo Shards" (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)
"Castle De Los Muertos (The Plate ees Hot!) (from the Playstation game Skullmonkeys)
Catscratch Theme (from the Nickelodeon series Catscratch)
Cough Drops (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Dum Da Dum Doi Doi (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Elevated Structure of Terror (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Everybody Way Oh! (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Homina Homina (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
The Incredible Divy Run (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)
Klogg is Dead! (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)
The Lil' Bonus Room (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)
Lowdee Huh (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Monk Rushmore (Presidential Funky Monkey) (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)
Musical Fruit (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)
The Neverhood Theme (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Olley Oxen Free (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Operator Plays A Little Pingpong (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Potatoes, Tomatoes, Gravy and Peas (from the Dreamworks video game The Neverhood)
Psychedelic Boogie Child (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)
Sour Head Hauksa Loukee (from the Playstation video game Skullmonkeys)


Randy Stonehill ~ Wonderama (1992) Mercy River ~ Coyote Moon (1992) Various Artists ~ Surfonic Water Revival (1998) Uncle Stonehill's Hat (2001)

Wonderama - Coyote Moon - Surfonic Water Revival - Uncle Stonehill's Hat

A Good Sailor Knows (Recorded by The Insyderz)
All The Wondrous Pies (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
All The World To Me (Recorded by Derri Daugherty)
Awfully Familiar (Recorded by Jacob's Trouble)
Barbie Nation (Recorded by Randy Stonehill)
Beanies and Franks (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
Beggars and Kings (Recorded by Jacob's Trouble)
California Blue (Recorded by Brother's Keeper with Phil Keaggy)
Can't Go Around the Cross (Recorded by Mercy River)
Charlie The Weatherman (Recorded by Randy Stonehill)
Coyote Moon (Recorded by Mercy River)
Curious (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
Dear Companion (Recorded by Mercy River)
Elvis Has Left the Building, Jesus is Coming Soon (Recorded by Mercy River)
Endless Summer pt 2 (Recorded by Chuck Girard with Paul Johnson)
Far, Far (Recorded by Riki Michele)
From Once Was (Recorded by Deliverance)
Ghost in the Rain (Recorded by Riki Michele)
Great Big Stupid World (Recorded by Randy Stonehill)
The Hungering Dark / Light Ship (Recorded by D.O.X)
I Will Follow (Recorded by Randy Stonehill)
I'm A Little World (Recorded by Jacob's Trouble)
(In) My Dream of Heaven (Recorded by D.O.X)
In The Calling (Recorded by Riki Michele)
Islands, Buildings and Freeways (Recorded by Jacob's Trouble)
Kingdom Come (Recorded by Carson Cole and RU4)
Knock, Breathe, Shine (Recorded by Jacob's Trouble)
Lantern In The Snow (Recorded by Randy Stonehill)
Lift Up Your Hearts (Sorsum Corda) (Recorded by Derri Daugherty)
Light of the World (Recorded by Riki Michele)
Look At You Now (Recorded by Jacob's Trouble)
Love Life and Dance (Recorded by Riki Michele)
Love You Now (Recorded by Riki Michele)
My Destiny (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
Occam's Razor (Recorded by Adam Again)
Serenity (Recorded by Carson Cole and RU4)
Shelf Life of Love (Recorded by Mercy River)
Sister Mariana Trench (Recorded by Silage)
Surfer Girl Replies (Recorded by Plumb)
Surfer's Paradise (Recorded by All Star United with Phil Keaggy)
The Sun Comes Out Again (Recorded by Randy Stonehill with Havalina Rail Co.)
Switzerland (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
There Goes My Heart Again (Recorded by Jacob's Trouble)
Thrill Seeker (Recorded by PlankEye)
Uncle Stonehill's Hat (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
Uncle Stonehill's Hat Revisited (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
Under The Rug (Recorded by Randy Stonehill)
Valley of the Echoes (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)
Wave Perfect (Recorded by Smalltown Poets with Paul Johnson)
Wicked Wicked World (Recorded by The Choir)
Wonderama (Recorded by Randy Stonehill)
World's Shortest Song (Recorded by Uncle Stonehill)

Tim Chandler

(Songs not listed above)

All That Is You (Recorded by The Choir)
Car, Etc. (Recorded by The Choir)
The Chicken (Recorded by The Choir)
Children of Time (Recorded by The Choir)
Consider (Recorded by The Choir)
The Dizzy Wounded (Recorded by The Choir)
Fear Only You (Recorded by The Choir)
I Don't Mean Any Harm (Recorded by The Choir)
Invisible (Recorded by The Choir)
It Should Have Been Obvious (Recorded by The Choir)
Kissers and Killers (Recorded by The Choir)
Leprechaun (Recorded by The Choir)
Look Out (For Your Own) (Recorded by The Choir)
Love Your Mind (Recorded by The Choir)
Mercy Will Prevail (Recorded by The Choir)
Never More True (Recorded by The Choir)
Nobody Gets A Smooth Ride (Recorded by The Choir)
Polar Boy (Recorded by The Choir)
Sad Face (Recorded by The Choir)
Shiny Floor (Recorded by The Choir)
Sled Dog (Recorded by The Choir)
Slow Spin (Recorded by The Choir)
Someone To Hold On To (Recorded by The Choir)
Speckled Bird (Recorded by The Choir)
Spin You Around (Recorded by The Choir)
Spring (Recorded by The Choir)
Sunny (Recorded by The Choir)
The Rifleman (Recorded by The Choir)
The Way You Always Are (Recorded by The Choir)
Weather Girl (Recorded by The Choir)

Greg Flesch

(Songs not listed above)

Agnus Dei - Dona Nobis Pacem (Recorded on the album At the Foot of the Cross, Volume One: Clouds, Rain, Fire)
Clouds, Rain, Fire (Recorded on the album At the Foot of the Cross, Volume One: Clouds, Rain, Fire)
Come to the River (Recorded on the album At the Foot of the Cross, Volume Two: Seven Last Words of Christ)
Kyrie (Recorded on the album At the Foot of the Cross, Volume One: Clouds, Rain, Fire)
Paradise (Recorded on the album At the Foot of the Cross, Volume Two: Seven Last Words of Christ)
Sanctus (Recorded on the album At the Foot of the Cross, Volume One: Clouds, Rain, Fire)
Teach Us To Love You (Recorded on the album At the Foot of the Cross, Volume One: Clouds, Rain, Fire)


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