Daniel Amos

1991 Brainstorm Artists, Intl
Produced By Terry Taylor & DA


1. Big, Warm, Sweet, Interior Glowing (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)
2. If You Want To (Taylor)
3. Kalhoun (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)
4. I Will Return (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)
5. Tracking The Amorous Man (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)
6. Virgin Falls (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)
7. Gloryhound (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)
8. Prayer Wheel (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)
9. Note To Anna (Taylor)
10. Father Explains (Taylor)
11. Gate of the World (Words by Taylor, Music by Taylor/Chandler/Flesch)

All songs 1991 Twitchen Vibes / Brainstorm Artists, Intl. ASCAP/BMI. All Rights Reserved.

International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded at Mixing Lab, Huntington Beach, CA
Engineered by Gene Eugene
Additional Recording at Neverland, Los Alamitos, CA
Mixed by Gene Eugene and Terry Taylor at Neverland


Mastered by John Matousek at Soundworks West
Illustrations by Court Patton, Patton Brothers Design, El Cajon, CA
Design and Layout: Patton Brothers Design
Art Direction by Court Patton, Terry Taylor and Tom Gulotta
Photography by Brian K. Tong
Film Imaging by Ed McTaggart, FMG Graphics, Newport Beach, CA

Special Thanks to Tom Gulotta for almost everything; Gene and Joe and everyone at BAI; Court Patton for going the extra miles; Thomas Merton for "The Glowing"; the Tibetans for "the Wheel"; Milosz for "the White Whale"; Michael MacLane; Tony Shore; Romald Domkus; Brad Durham; Love to our families and friends

"Somebody Stamp Me!"

"Father Explains" is Dedicated to

the Children of the World.
You can help homeless children by

contributing to:
Fearless Hearts
Children's Foundation
P.O. Box 1034
Cambridge, MA 02140


Daniel Amos is:

Greg Flesch: Guitars, Accordian, B-3, Violin
Tim Chandler: Bass, Additional Guitars
Terry Taylor: Lead and Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Ed McTaggart: Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Dave Hackbarth: Trumpet
Miles Tackett: Cello
Greg Kellog: Pedal Steel Guitar
Dave Raven: Drum Technician
Travis Sheets: Organ Donar
Thanks for the Amps: Kevin Kelly, Robin Sercomb and Greg Lawless

Big, Warm, Sweet, Interior Glowing
Affectionately referred to as The Big, Warm Swede in the studio. An expose on elitest, self-appointed visionaries or oracles of God. A call for accountability. A call for Ed to use brushes on his snare.

If You Want To
Two people choose love and change the world in a small way. Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending or Roy and Dale riding a stuffed "Trigger" into the sunset. Eternal resolve.

The new world order vs. the kingdom of God. The unholy work, yer little gawd and the tower of Babel all rolled up into a great big cowpie with a surprise center. It's a message in tongues with no interpretation. It's religious Fahrvergnugen. We all love to say it, but what the heck does it mean? It's every "ism" mankind has ever mindlessly embraced. Yeehaw! Somebody stamp me and pass the jello salad.

I Will Return
Apocalyptic blues in the big city. The Mall All Over the World finally meets the wrecking ball. Christ returns. Metal cocoons sprout flying nuns. (the graves were opened?) Finis.
NOTE: No hallucinogens were taken during the writing of this song.

Tracking the Amorous Man
Story board pictures of divine vs. natural love. Inspired by Barry White and the Bible

Virgin Falls
"We're all sinners and need redemption and you can take that to the bank!", said Robert Blake, former Little Rascal.

Nationalism as religion accompanied by drunken pedal-steel guitar riffs.

Prayer Wheel
The call to shame, sorrow, repentance and prayer on a national scale. The Tibetan practice of building prayer wheels provided some interesting images. "Hey kids, let's have a burger bash and build us a prayer wheel, then we'll get the high-priestess of American culture, Vanna White, to give it a great big spin."

Note to Anna
Everybody loves a mystery and a refreshing beverage. Was it murder? Suicide? A grunion-hunting accident? 'Tis a puzzlement, composed of human frailty and inability to ultimately save the soul. Only Christ can and will.

Father Explains
Taken from the "it's a bad place and I wouldn't want to live there" file. Songwriter imagines he's a young man trapped in the horrors of life, war and death in a third world country.

The Gate of the World
It's the global village and Christ is among the villagers. He's not hard to miss- He's the thirsty child and the homeless, hungry beggar. The grand finale.


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