Sweet Mother of God

from the album "Zoom Daddy"

Words by Terry Taylor, Music by Terry Taylor, David Raven and Tim Chandler
©1988 Broken Songs

regal dream and primmadonna
angel queen of tijuana
mother earth and virgin saint
succor, nurse, and suffrir gate
to gaudy beauty's hocus-pocus
guadeloupe's theotokos
for heathens, scribes, enraptured daughters
a neon bride on dashboard alters

sweet mother of God
(what's got into you, boy?)
oh for the love of God
(what's got into you boy?)
sweet mother of God
you ponder, you wander,
you cling and you lean
while she's bruising you, using you
seldom refusing you

monumental apparition
ornamental grave beautition
satirized and patronized,
undersized and glamorized
matriarchal wisdom seat
sentimental paraclete
statuesque forlorn pieta,
esqued, suppressed, and scorned contessa


casa nostra placebo
glorisa domino
mediatrix bella donna
dominicus della strada
limbo low e' la cañada
tuck'n'roll lobla limbada
coredemptrix mediation
genuflexix obligation
latria at fatima
oblida basilica
gratia plena benedicta
adolescentia byzantina


isn't it wild? mother and child
meek and the mild, never defiled
fruit of the womb, out of the tomb
bride and the groom, sun and the moon
altar queen wonder, suffering lover
covering buffer , hovering mother
blessing and testing, confessing and pressing
inerrant, transparent, domestic, majestic
idyllic, angelic, filling, dispelling
foretelling, compelling, instilling, indwelling
favoring, laboring, savoring, flavoring
healing us, sealing us, stealing us, leading us
ponder her, honor her, magistrate, venerate,
bond to her, long for her, sing to her, cling to her

and i'm not so sure there's anything wrong with her