Donna Nietche and Her Super Race of Kick Boxing Über Parrots

from the album "Songs of the Heart"

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Daniel Amos
©1995 Twitchen Vibes Music (ASCAP)
Would you like a drink of water
From the fountain of youth?
Can I show you a laughing statue
And a magic mirror?
Down dubious halls, passed fatuous faces
We'll follow coloured lanterns to distant
Doorways and rooms

There are joke-shop ink spills and cinema snow
Hollow novels containing guns and flasks
Dwarves and winged horses
Costumes and masks
False mustaches and noses
Artificial roses
Tall stories and truthful admissions
Prophecies, dreams, and visions
Jack-in-the-boxes , flip books
And pictures in the air
Anything that I can think of
You'll find in here

But don't ask me to explain
Not everyone accepts the invitation to
Come inside
But if you like a good mystery
You'll enjoy the ride