Low Crawls & High Times

from the album "BibleLand"

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
1994 Twitchen Vibes/B-1 Music/ Chenka-Chenka Music/ Word Music, ASCAP
Blood, frogs, and feces (Won't somebody talk to me)
Red necks and weak knees (Won't somebody talk to me)
Hemorrhoids and heartburn (Won't somebody talk to me)
Space cadets and earth worms (Won't somebody talk to me)

Love and understanding, right now
Every freak demanding, right now
Whining and commanding, right now
right now, right now...

Low crawls and high times (Won't somebody talk to me)
Skin heads and sex lines (Won't somebody talk to me)
Face lifts and action drinks (Won't somebody talk to me)
Spoiled sports and missing links (Won't somebody talk to me)

The Word becomes the flesh
My life becomes your death
But you'll be coming 'round the mountain soon

Cash cows and lucky dogs
Love birds and high hogs
Motor mouths and pip squeaks
Big shots and hood winks

Salvation at the gift shop
God is jumping at the I.H.O.P.
There's good news at eleven
Instant tea and instant heaven

Bad stands in good standing, right now
Here's to happy landings, right now
right now, right now...