Little Crosses

from the album Doppelgänger

Words and Music by Jerry Chamberlain
©1983 Twitchen Vibes/ Paragon Music Corp. ASCAP

These l ittle crosses - I see on my T.V.
Take my money - and give me some of these
Little crosses - with lots of color and sound
I'm in heaven - with all these treasures around

And ever since he bought them he sits and watches
He's got everything now, he really loves those crosses

Little crosses - they're dancing in the street
I'm a sucker - for anything with a beat
Little crosses - they get me to the moon
See me moving - I'm jumping to their tune

And while he is asleep, they come
And take him away
They've got a plan for his life and
He will do what they say
Little crosses got a hold on me
They're quite attractive and they really sold me
I've got to have them with me all the time
(Little crosses, tiny crosses, itty bitty baby crosses)
These little crosses are a real lifeline
(Burning crosses, earing crosses, never get enough)

Little crosses - It's such a wonderful world
I'm so lucky - I get a little cross with my girl
Little crosses - they make me happy again
Isn't it funny - these little crosses may be my best friend
Little crosses - I've got to have my Little crosses...


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