Love, Grace and Mercy

from the album Dig Here Said the Angel

Music by Daniel Amos, Words by T.S. Taylor
©2013 Shape of Air Music

You've got your methods
I was another one opposed to you
You left me ruined on the inside
Taught me love's a wrecking crew
But I'm still the problem
And not some other person, place or thing
So to hell with my excuses
I've got no one else to blame
Oh no

Love Grace & Mercy
They shake me to the core
Lift me higher than a kite then
Leave me crawling on the floor

Love Grace & Mercy
Now if you just say the word
I will get exactly what I don't deserve
Oh no

You've got your methods
I'm done with trying to guess all your moves
I'm going where you want me to go
I've got nothing left to lose
Now I don't wanna suffer
But that's in fact the nature of the beast
If you want to get to higher ground
You got to get there on your knees
Oh whoah, whoah

Repeat first verse


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