Uneasy Lies the Head of the Confidence Man

from the album "Songs of the Heart"

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Daniel Amos
1995 Twitchen Vibes Music (ASCAP)
Through hoops and secret panels
Down the Slip-n-Slide
Faith finds a way to the other side

But you are tempted to be clever
This seems to do the trick
Pick a number, you've got a thousand schticks

But certain crowds are tough
Someone has called your bluff
Your timing's out of step
You drown in your own sweat

You've become a fire-walker
And work the center ring
But you never learn to walk on water
'Cos you can't pull any strings

They pardon you when you leave
A few cards up your sleeve

You wear a beard, a magic turban
Charm & hypnotize
Handle snakes, take flying carpet rides

Trap doors and wires, smoke and mirrors--
(tools of the wonder trade)--
False-bottom trunks conceal the big charade

It's taken years to learn
How not to crash and burn
There's little glory in
Just learning how to swim

You conceal, misdirect
Disappear, stack the deck

Jump and tumble, hurdy gurdy
That's the Confidence Man
A little truth, a little sleight of hand

Sometimes we grasp the truth
When we have lost our youth
Sometimes we live and die
Still clinging to a lie

Someone's laughing, someone knows
You're not wearing any clothes

Still I am tempted to be clever
This seems to do the trick