Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor ~ the Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love
1990/2009 Alarma / Stunt Records, Produced By Terry Taylor.


1. The Pool (1990 Version)
2. Riders in the Sky
3. I'm On Your Team
4. The Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love
5. Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here (Party Version)
6. Young Peoples Ethnic Ministry
7. Don't Hate Yourself-Pulpit Masters (Extended Undanceable Remix)
8. Fruit O' Ministry
9. Sprinkler Head
10. The Large Family We Always Wanted
11. Untitled (Lost Eddies Instrumetnal)
12. All Things To All Men
13. Big Guns 1990 (Mellow Version with vocals)
14. Little Dumbo
15. What A World, What A World (Swirling Mellow Version)
16. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
17. Changeless
18. A Briefing For The Ascent
19. Only One
20. The Unattainable Earth (Remix)
21. Catch That Angel (Remix)
22. Sudden Heaven (Remix)
23. Soon!
24. Pretentious Poetry Readings