from the album "BibleLand"

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
1994 Twitchen Vibes/B-1 Music/ Chenka-Chenka Music/ Word Music, ASCAP
We're going out to Bibleland
by a Motel 6, and a burger stand
oasis there in the desert sand
We'll play all day on the Family Plan
in Bibleland
There's a fifty foot cross and a pearly door
a lions den where the lions roar
a manger scene on a revolving floor
a leper and a christian book store
in Bibleland

And something beautiful, something clean
behind the shabby bible scenes
Something real that built a dream
called Bibleland....

Midgets dressed up as Peter and Paul
a Christian rock band by the wailing wall
that Goliath guy makes us feel so small!
takes a half an hour just to see it all
It's Bibleland
A river of life and a pit of doom
Noah's arcade and an upper room
Canoes cross the Jordan, there's an empty tomb
and three shows daily starring Debby Boone
in Bibleland
In the ruins and the waste
lurks the shadow of a perfect place
the mark of God on a strangers face
in Bibleland