Memory Lane

from the album Doppelgänger

Memory Lane
Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1983 Twitchen Vibes/ Paragon Music Corp. ASCAP

You have gotten much thinner
You're lookin' like a shadow
It's from dwelling on the might-have-beens
Living in a time-warp
To whom am I speaking? Some ghost from the past?
While you think about old glories
You're fading real fast

You take too many trips down memory lane
You take too many trips down memory lane
You take another trip down memory lane
You go down there once too often
and you're likely to remain
You play old music
Well some of it's a bore
To me it's all irrelevant
Like Haight Street and love beads

Still you want to make a statement
But this nostalgia thing hangs on
Your friends all miss the point cause
They see where you've gone
They've seen that you've gone to...

You take too many trips down memory lane...
It's another flat testimony
Inflated with emotional gas
Though the truth never changes
Shouldn't you, couldn't you
Shouldn't you, couldn't you (I'm trying)
Couldn't you, shouldn't you, couldn't you, won't you!

You make a list of all your failures
You count all your heartaches
Please sit up straight at the table
And eat your words
Much too weak
I think complaining is a crime
And like the boy who cried wolf
We don't believe you anymore, we watch you
Travel back in time to...


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