Return Of The Beat Menace

from the album "Darn Floor - Big Bite"

Words and Music by Terry Taylor, Tim Chandler, and Greg Flesch
1987 Broken Songs (ASCAP)
Again you announce while you whirl and bounce
Intentions to pounce on the beat menace

No woman or man could ever withstand
The devious plans of the beat menace

Come to lay you low, we've come to vex your soul

Feeling the heat, hell at your feet
Don't even speak of the beat menace

Something to take away your innocence
Someone to blame it on
Helps you to defeat
Dancing in the street

Come to lay you low, we've come to vex you

Resolved in your mind- the nature of crime
Is to swallow the line of the beat menace

Imagination's on the rise again
So hide your heart away
Dust off the fears and guilts and lies again
The beat is here to stay

Your satellite can reach that Eskimo
He buys a suit and tie
Re-styles his hair like girls in Tupelo
And sings "Sweet Bye And Bye"

He's meeting all your strange requirements
He thinks you can't be fooled
He'll get the rules and laws and sacraments
By sending checks to you

We've come to bring you low