Hole In The World

from the album "MotorCycle"

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
1993 Twitchen Vibes Music / Brainstorm Artists Int'l. (ASCAP)
Hole in the world
I can hear dead loved-ones breathing
hole in the world
Marble corridors and angels
I've been looking for Your Holy Face
A vision of amazing grace

A lump in the throat and a bush on fire,
Dove coming down from the sky,
An itch in the feet, and a helpless hunger (Inside, outside)

Hole in the world
Here every tongue cries "Christ is risen"
Hole in the world
I see old enemies embracing
Moonlight falling on the blistered glass
Someone whispers "Here at last"
That's when I saw Your shadow pass

A bump in the night, then an open border,
Bus rides over the moon,
A swim upstream in the living water (Inside, outside)

Hole in the world
Mysteries and myths and wonders
(I've been looking for Your Holy Face,
Through a window draped in lace)
Hole in the world
Streets of gold and blood of martyrs
(Moonlight falling on the blistered glass)
Lightning flashes 'cross the purple sky
I strike the nail and watch You die
I'm drowning in the tears I cry

My heart is aching, and my legs are broken,
Waiting for the hand in the dark
The table is set and the door is open (inside, outside)

Hole in the world
Hole in the world...