Sail Me Away

from the album Shotgun Angel

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor, Jerry Parker Chamberlain
©1977 Maranatha! Music

3rd man:
(Tenderly to his wife)
My love, I had a dream last night
I saw a rider on the wind
A stranger to my eyes
Was on the outside lookin' in
And the land he's longing for
Is on a dim and distant shore
Of my life

My love, I heard the pilgrim's call
I saw it was forsaking all
I cried because I knew (yes I know)
It meant my leaving you
But the riches that I gain
Outweigh the losses that remain
In my life

(To the Lord)
Sail me away (I want to go with you)
Sail me away (sail away, sail away, sail away)
(Repeat three times)

(To his wife)
My love the man is older now
Yet wisdom was the guiding light
That led him on to foreign lands (far away)
Though he's never left your side
And the treasure that I bare
Is now all I seek to share
In my life

Repeat chorus


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