<Dig Here Said the Angel>

Dig Here Said the Angel

Dig Here
Said the Angel

Daniel Amos

2013 Stunt Records
Produced By Terry Scott Taylor for Stunt Productions.
Executive Producers: Kevin & Sharon Autenrieth, David Ferguson, Jay and Brenda Howard, Linda A Miller, Michael J Petri, Mark Prinsen, Paul Ramsaroop, Stephen S. Robertson, Kevin Shafer, Stig Olav Skeie, Steve Smith, Gary & Sara Teter, Eric Townsend, Richard W. Towry, Bob Uetz, & Ken and Michelle Van Egmond.

Dig Here Said the Angel

1. Forward In Reverse
2. Jesus Wept
3. Dig Here Said the Angel
4. Our New Testament Best
5. Love, Grace and Mercy
6. Now That I've Died
7. We'll All Know Soon Enough
8. Waking Up Under Water
9. The Uses of Adversity
10. The Ruthless Hum of Dread
11. The Sun Shines On Everyone

Vinyl Adds
12. Dig Here Said the Angel (Insane Remix)

Lyrics by Terry Scott Taylor, music by T.S Taylor and Daniel Amos
All songs ©2013 Shape Of Air Music, BMI All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded at the Brown Owl Studio, Berry Hill, TN & Sled Dog Studios, Franklin, TN
Engineered by Derri Daugherty
2nd engineer: Mark Zellmer
Mixed by Derri Daugherty
Vinyl Bonus Track Mixed by Eric Townsend


Mastered by Gary Hedden

Art Direction & Design by Tom Gulotta
Front and back cover imagery by Memo Salazar
Band photo: Memo Salazar & Tom Gulotta

Artwork contributors:
Jimmy A, Scott Anderson, Wayne Barnett, Alen Blazekovik, Charles Bradford, Amy Stone Brown, Cherokee Carr, Jamison Chaleen, Maria Chandler, Jerry Creager, Matt Crosslin, Dave Danglis, Jason Derr, DW Dunphy, Daria Dykhanovska, Paul Estes, Tom Gulotta, Bryce Hendry, Alex Hernandez, Amalia Howard, Sarah Issler, Christian Kuebler, Derek Luptak, David Pence, Ritchie Roesch, Eric Ruhaak, Damian Sawyer, Brian Thomas, Eric Townsend, Jason Townsend, Michael Turkett, Daiv Whaley, Curtis Whittier

Special Thanks to: S Anderson, Roger W. Basl, Mark D. Cazalas, codedonkey, Thom Granger, Jouni Gronroos, Robert Hawes, Jr, Mike Indest, Wayne "Lobstermuchacho" Kierstead, Alexander William Leitch, Douglas M. McNeill, Adel Meisenheimer, Aaron Metcalfe, Eddie Parrino, Ken "Harpo" Paxton, David & Jackie Quackenbush, Jerry Roberts, Jeff and Ann Sauder, Rich and Suzie Snow, & Tim Soto.


T.S. Taylor: Vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Ed McTaggart: Drums
Tim Chandler: Bass, noise and infernal racket, background vocals
Greg Flesch: Guitars, mando-guitar, keyboards

Jerry Chamberlain: Guitar and lead vocal on “Waking Up Under Water”, background vocals
Rob Watson: Keyboards, orchestral embellishments, background vocals
Steve Hindalong: percussion
Alex MacDougall: percussion
Paul Averitt: additional backing vocals
Eric Townsend: additional backing vocals

Sunshine Street Choir:
Paul Averitt, Jerry Chamberlain, Tim Chandler, Pete Coatney, Marty Dieckmeyer, Frank Lee Drennen, Noël Ferro, Spencer Ferro, Greg Flesch, Tom Gulotta, Ed McTaggart, Theo Obrastoff, Eve Selis, Debi Taylor, T.S. Taylor, Eric Townsend, Jason Townsend, Rob Watson


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