(near sighted girl with approaching) Tidal Wave

from the album "Horrendous Disc"

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
1980 Cancel and Eat (ASCAP)

Up in her room, she gets out of the sack (yeah)
Goes down to the beach (ooh), and lies on her back
In the sunshine all day, what's the hurry (hurry)

She dreams of long youth, no wrinkles or fat
No thoughts of bedpans (ooh), or deathbeds, and that
Keeps her smiling all day, what's the hurry (hurry)

An older woman suddenly cried, "The tide is rising!"
And all the guys with Speedos made it first to their cars
But along with the rest she slept while the crest rose
Twenty feet and higher, higher...

The girl kept on dreaming of a honeymoon in France, my my my
Handsome fiance and the way he could dance

Nuestra luna de miel, hoy va comenzando
[Translation: Our honeymoon, today it begins]
Divina mujer, estamos besando, bailando El Swim
[Divine woman, we're kissing, dancing The Swim]
He made good money, alright, a bright future

(Oh, that's swell)

Even the guys with muscles cried, "The tide is rising!"
And all the folks with Porsches made it up to the cliffs
A group of kids were praying that I'm sure went up to heaven
But no one tried to surf, surf...

It's a tidal wave, it's a watery grave
She really tried to swim, she couldn't in the end