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Daniel Amos

1976 Maranatha! Music
Produced By Al Perkins
2004/2011 Reissue Producers: Matthew Hunt, Tom Gulotta and Eric Townsend

Deluxe Edition

CD One:
1. Jesus Is Jehovah To Me (Chamberlain/Dieckmeyer/Taylor)
2. The Bible (Baxter)
3. Abidin' (Taylor)
4. William(Taylor)
5. Prelude: Servant's Prayer (Baxter)
6. Don't Light Your Own Fire (Taylor)

7. Losers And Winners (Taylor)
8. Walking On The Water (Taylor)
9. Ridin' Along (Baxter/Chamberlain/Dieckmeyer/Taylor)
10. Dusty Road (Taylor)
11. Love In A Yielded Heart (Baxter)
12. Skeptics' Song (Taylor)

CD Reissues Add:
13. Happily Married Man from Maranatha Country Roundup
14. Ain't Gonna Fight It from Maranatha! 5

CD Two:
1. Don't Light Your Own Fire (live) 1977, Daniel Amos
2. Walking on the Water (live) 1977, Daniel Amos
3. Interview Segment: Katy
4. Calvary Road (demo) 1971, Terry solo
5. New Life (demo) 1972 Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic Trumpets
6. Interview Segment: Cardboard Scheme, Scarlet Staircase & Down Home
7. Walkin With My Lord (demo) 1971 Terry with wife Debi
8. Knock Knock (demo) 1972, Terry solo
9. Heavenly Home (demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic Trumpets
10. Love Sings A Song In My Heart (demo) 1971, Terry solo
11. Jesus Saved My Soul (demo) 1971, Good Shepherd
12. Interview Segment: Expressing faith in music
13. Aint Gonna Fight It (demo) 1973, Jubal’s Last Band
14. Interview Segment: The Lost Dogs record 'Ain’t Gonna Fight It
15. Interview Segment: The Move/Jubal’s Last Band
16. Love Has Open Arms (demo) 1972, Terry and Debi with Judge Rainbow
17. Resurrection (Skeptics Song demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic Trumpets
18. Meal (demo) 1972, Terry solo
19. Interview Segment: The Name Daniel Amos
20. Dear Captain/The Bible (demo) 1973, Jubal’s Last Band
21. William (demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & the Prophetic Trumpets
22. Interview Segment: Al Perkins
23. Freedom (Love In A Yielded Heart demo) 1973, Steve Baxter and Jubal’s Last Band
24. For Me To Live Is Christ (demo) 1972, Terry and Debi
25. Jesus Is Still Crying For The World (demo) 1971, Terry solo
26. In Everything Give Thanks (live) 1975, Daniel Amos

CD Three (Preorderer bonus):
1. Wanna Be Ready (demo) 1972, Terry solo
2. He Touched Me (demo) 1972, Terry solo
3. Walking On the Water (demo) 1972, Judge Rainbow & The Prophetic Trumpets
4. Interview Segment: On Bonus Tracks, the Lost Dogs & the Beatles
5. Love Won't Wait Forever (demo) 1972, Terry solo
6. Interview Segment: Early Bands
7. Glory Road (demo) 1971, Terry solo
8. The Bible (demo) 1974, Jubal's Last Band
9. Light of the World (demo) 1974, Jubal's Last Band
10. Interview Segment: The Other Guys In the Band
11. You Can't Go Around the Cross (live) 1976, Daniel Amos
12. Nicodemus (live) 1976, Daniel Amos
13. Meal (live) 1976, Daniel Amos
14. Holy Rollin Again (live) 1976, Daniel Amos
15. Interview Segment: First Guitar
16. Losers and Winners (live) May 10, 1974, Jubal's Last Band
17. Takes A Heart Ache (live) May 10, 1974, Jubal's Last Band
18. Ridin Along (live) 1976, Daniel Amos
19. Dusty Road"(live) 1976, Daniel Amos
20. Farther Along (live) 1976, Daniel Amos

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Recording Information

Produced by Al Perkins.
Recorded At: Mama Jo's, N. Hollywood, California, Independent Recorders, Hollywood, California.
Mixed At Mama Jo's By: Al Perkins and Jonathan David Brown.
Engineered By: Jonathan David Brown.
Originally Mastered At A&M By: Bernie Grundman.
Remastered by Dan Del Isla at DLI Studios.
Remix Engineer: Billy Taylor.
Original demos recorded in the living room of Katy Haselden.
Live tracks recorded at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California.


Illustration: Dale G. Waters.
Photography: Hosmer C. McKoon, Dan Agulian, MPS Photographic Services, Inc., Daniel Amos Archives
Design and layout: Tom Gulotta, with Jason Townsend and Eric Townsend
Interview conducted by Tom Gulotta, Spring 2005
Discs Two and Three compiled and edited by Jason Townsend & Eric Townsend.

With Love to: Mike and Cindy, Bruce Lochre, Randy Ritchie, Rosemary, Wendel Ormsbe, Wyman Reese, Trey and Patty LeCroy, Bob-o, Debi, Judy, and all our family and friends.
Love and Praise to Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Taylor: Lead Vocals, 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Marty Dieckmeyer: Bass Guitar
Steve Baxter: 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Jew's Harp, Whistle, lead vocal on "The Bible," "A Servant's Prayer," "Ridin' Along" and "Love In A Yielded Heart," Master of Ceremonies for the "Sketpic's Song."
Jerry Chamberlain: Lead vocal on first two verses of "Jesus Is Jehovah to Me," Electric Lead Guitar, Harmonies

Additional Musicians:

Al Perkins: Pedal Steel Guitar, Banjo
Bob Warford: Pull-String Guitar, 6 String Acoustic
Brian Carroll: Nylon String Lead, Rhythm
Jerry Waller: Piano
Dave Diggs: Piano, Horn Arrangement
Jonathan David Brown: Harpsichord, Organ
Joann Grauer: Fender Rhodes
John Ware: Drums, "Hoo-Doo Meat Box"
Mike "Pooh Bear" Baird: Drums
Alex MacDougall: Percussion
Dave Angel: Sax Solo, Clarinet
John Wickham: Bell Monitor
Dan Amos: Other Percussive Embellishments

by Bruce A. Brown (Feb. 2015)

In spite of the groundbreaking efforts of artists like Larry Norman, Mylon, and Love Song, and the more recent emergence of performers such as Petra, Randy Stonehill and Phil Keaggy, the “Jesus Music” world of 1976 (it was way too early to call it “Contemporary Christian Music”) still largely consisted of records that were not rock-based – or anything like it. Outstanding albums released in 1975 & ‘76 such as Love Broke Thru (Keaggy), Welcome to Paradise (Stonehill) and Can It Be? (The Way) were still very much the exception to the rule.

Into this still-evolving eco-system rode Daniel Amos. Springing from the seemingly bottomless pool of talent swirling around Calvary Chapel/Costa Mesa, CA., DA was formed when pastor Tom Stipe (himself an accomplished writer and singer) encouraged a number of Calvary musicians to start a “second wave” of bands. The “arranged marriage” brought together the nucleus of a group whose various line-ups have now existed for more than forty years. Though admittedly green when they went into the studio to record their self-titled debut, Terry Taylor, Jerry Chamberlain, Marty Dieckmeyer and Steve Baxter were whipped into pretty fair shape by California country rock pioneer Al Perkins. The 3 B’s (Byrds, Beatles, Beach Boys) are the most immediate musical references you’ll hear, with a fourth B – The Band – influencing some arrangements. You can also detect the vocal overtones of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, America, and even some of the folk performers of Taylor’s youth; indeed, the vocals are strikingly spot-on for a debut album, with a gorgeous harmonic blend highlighting songs such as “Love In a Yielded Heart,” “Servant’s Prayer” and “Don’t Light Your Own Fire.”

As songwriters, Baxter and Taylor were still honing their craft, though the heartfelt nature of their lyrics is palpable, and on “Skeptic’s Song” and “Abidin’,” there’s early evidence of the sharp wit that has served Taylor so well throughout his career. The most fully realized track is “Don’t Light Your Own Fire,” with its jazz-inflected guitar and Fender Rhodes echoing the sophistication of Steely Dan and pointing the way to the great leap forward that would be Shotgun Angel.

(Maranatha! Five, a label sampler that also landed in 1976, contains “Ain’t Gonna Fight It,” another example of DA’s rapidly maturing sound – it endures to this day in the band’s live sets. You’ll find it, as well as a ton of other bonus materials, on the deluxe reissue of Daniel Amos.)

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