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Daniel Amos

The ¡Alarma! Chronicles Volume Three
1984 Refuge Records
Produced By Terry Taylor for Rebel Base Productions
Re-Issue produced by Tom Gulotta and Eric Townsend

The ¡Alarma! Chronicles Volume Three Text

Deluxe Edition

CD One:
1. Travelog (Taylor)
2. (It's The Eighties, So Where's Our) Rocket Packs (Taylor) *
3. Home Permanent (Taylor) *
4. It's Sick (Taylor) *
5. William Blake (Words and Music by Taylor, Arrangement by Taylor/Chandler)
6. Dance Stop (Words and Music by Taylor, Arrangement by Taylor/Chandler)

Side Two:
1. Live And Let Live (Taylor)
2. When Worlds Collide (Taylor) *
3. As The World Turns (Taylor) *
4. She's All Heart (Taylor) *
5. The Incredible Shrinking Man (Taylor)
6. Sanctuary (Taylor)

CD Two:
1. I Can't Resist You [Bonus Track]
2. The Man That Can't Be Mentioned [Bonus Track]
3. Do Anything For You [Bonus Track]
4. Travelog [Acoustic Mix]
5. (It's The Eighties, So Where's Our) Rocket Packs [Raw Mix]
6. Home Permanent [Early Mix]
7. It's Sick [Rhythm Mix]
8. William Blake [Raw Mix]
9. Dance Stop [Karaoke Version]
10. Live And Let Live [Raw Mix]
11. When Worlds Collide [Solo Acoustic]
12. As The World Turns [Doppelganger Sessions Demo]
13. As The World Turns [Raw Mix]
14. She's All Heart [Raw Mix]
15. The Incredible Shrinking Man [Acoustic Mix]
16. Sanctuary [Live at Flevo '85]
17. Sanctuary [Solo Acoustic]

All songs 1984 Twitchen Vibes Music/Snellsong (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

"The Creative act of the artist lifts him above himself by demanding full surrender. No one puts words on paper or paint on canvas, doubting. If one doubts, one does so five minutes later..." - Czeslaw Milosz, Native Realm

"My work is visionary or imaginative. That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care..." - William Blake, Apocolypse by Imagination

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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed at 3-D studios, Costa Mesa, CA
Engineer: Doug Doyle.Second Engineer: Rob Watson with thanks to Bruce Swift.
Alternate Mixes by Eric Townsend


All Songs produced by Terry Taylor, except * produced by Terry Taylor and Rob Watson

Arrangements: T.T. and the DA Boys.
Mastered at Motown, LA by John Matouchek
Art Direction, Layout and Graphics by Ed McTaggart
Album Art Concept: Terry Taylor
Photographics and Photography: Linda (Photo) Dillion Baley and Ken Baley
"Foot" art by Phil Yea.
Special Hair Effects by Cathy Kern.
"Boot" Shadow by Gary DeLacy
Reissue Produced by Tom Gulotta and Eric Townsend
Remastered by J. Powell at Steinhaus
Reissue Layout by Tom Gulotta and Eric Townsend

A Special Long Overdue thanks and credit to Mike Stone, who alone is the true producer of the "Horrendous Disc." Special Thanks to Brian Martin, a true believer.

"Sanctuary" is dedicated to Grandpa 'B' and to his family who senses his loss each and every day -- "Now we see through a glass darkly, but soon we shall see face to face." - TST

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Taylor: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Occasional Keyboards, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals
Ed McTaggart: Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers
Rob Watson: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Tim Chandler: Lead Guitars, 4 & 12 String Bass, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals


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