Rob's and Carolee's

from the EP "LITTLE, Big"

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
2002 Zoom Daddy Music
I'm driving up to Eagle Rock
to Rob's and Carolee's
The two of them have lot's to do
like busy little bees
But they've always got time for a visit
with spirits gentle as a breeze
There's some chips and cold Corona waiting
just as pretty as you please

Anyone whose been there
most certainly agrees
with faithful friends like this
who has enemies?
So if you're ever up in Eagle Rock
it's worth the trip to be
with friends like kin
and welcomed in
by Rob and Carolee

In the smoky conversation
on the hilltop balcony
God is in the details
and the gentle revelry
Like me they've got no money
and are always on their knees
but they've got the kind of wisdom
that puts a troubled heart at ease


Down the pitch-black hills of Eagle Rock
the road it curves, then serpentines
My headlights catch the movement of
the dancing cypress trees
And even dark roads lead us homeward
and I smile 'cos I believe
that I'll always find a light on
at Rob's and Carolee's