You Told Them Exactly What I Didn't Say

from the album "John Wayne"

Words & Music by Terry Taylor
1998 Twitchen Vibes (BMI)
You told them exactly what I didn't say
exactly how I didn't say it
You played them exactly what I didn't play
exactly how I didn't play it
You wrote down exactly what I didn't write
exactly how i didn't write it
You typed in exactly what I didn't type
exactly how I didn't type it

Guess what's good for the money
is good for the soul
and I'm tempted to fill
the credibility hole
You might be my model
'cause you're on a roll
If I ever decide
to go for a ride
on your noblest lie
would you be my guide
to riches and paradise?


You're a genuine imitation
of a virtual variation
an approximate simulation
with your eyes flashing bright
like an angel of light
there are no words for the sight
except "beautiful!" ("tactful!")
"Beautiful!" ("Tactful!")
"Beautiful!" ("Tactful!")

la la la la la la la la la la......
You deserve appreciation
for having served the nation
and to lend your representation
to philistines like me
too naive to see
it's a jungle out there