Don't Ask Me How I Feel

from the album "Let's Spin!"

Words and Music by Camarillo Eddy
1988 Broken Songs

You have got your reasons
None of them are mine
If that's the way you want it
go ahead -- that's fine

I'll just back on oughta here
I won't get in your way
If, at times, it takes you under
That's just the price you pay

But don't ask me
no don't ask me
don't ask me
don't ask me how I feel
don't ask me how I feel

You say you're not like everyone
That God is on your side
But evil is still evil man
on the left or on the right

Screwin' up the universe
While your policin' all the world
Apocalyptic breakdown
has got you in a whirl


I might really tell you
I could really tell you
No more Mr. Nice Guy
Walkin' on the wild side

Now what can come from that?
The good, the bad, the ugly, babe
Yeah we gotta face the facts

A dirty needle get you
A million dollar disease
You're drownin' in the snow babe
and swingin' through the trees, please


Jesus comin' back again
You don't want to hear about it
fine, I'll keep it to myself
But don't you ever doubt it


Yeah I might really telll you
Makes me wanna scream
"No more Mr. Nice Guy!"
no more in between
Don't ask me how I feel