Welcome To The Real World

from the album "Random Acts & Hodgepodge"

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
2000 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc
You were a princess in an ivory tower
So sure your prince would never let you go
And once upon a time you laughed at fools
Who'd lost at love in the sad world below

But then he went and broke your heart in two
Just like the time that you broke mine
Must be a very rude awakening
After livin' on cloud nine

Welcome to the real world
Glad to have you in the club girl
Us broken hearts who know the score
And here to greet you at the door
(Aren't surprised you've come on board)
Sayin "Welcome to the real world"

I lost to you my game of make believe
My castle in the air came crashing down
So pardon me if I don't shed a tear
Now that you've joined me on the cold hard ground

Don't get me wrong I hope you'll be alright
Sometimes it's good for us to fail
And I believe thgat you are better off
Knownin' life's no fairy tale

Repeat Chorus

Some "Happy Ever Afters" fall apart
Some golden dreams come to an end
But there's still hope for all us lonely hearts
True love can always come again
Until then....

Repeat Chorus