Constance of the Universe

from the album "BibleLand"

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
1994 Twitchen Vibes/B-1 Music/ Chenka-Chenka Music/ Word Music, ASCAP
See that kid, give him some toys
See those girls, gotta given 'em some boys
See those feet, give 'em some shoes
See that drunk, gotta give him some booze

Says Constance of the Universe
She's unique in all the earth
We will hope for all we're worth
to be the center of her great expanding girth

See that bum, give him some cash
See that dope, gotta give him a stash
See that soul, give him the Word
See that jerk, gotta give him the bird

See the rock band, give em a deal
See those legs, go on give em a feel
Now, see that gun, give it a try
See that truth, gotta give it a lie

It's her time now
Constance needs to breed
See her shine now
tell her what you need