Days and Nights

from the album Shotgun Angel

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor, Jerry Parker Chamberlain
©1977 Maranatha! Music

Take me back home, where you wait
Words on a line, promised photographs
Oooh, baby, felt it signed with tears
In restless sleep, I counting days and nights

California sun sets in my eyes
Some people, they never realize
The cryin', the dyin', every single day
Your callin' is drawin' me
Now, I've got to get away

It's gonna be alright
Alright, alright

Oooh... fly away
Oooh... fly away

Then I had a vision of comin' through your door
Stayin' there beside you, not leavin' any more
But in my dream a Greater Love sweetly calls me on
I hesitate, then kiss your hand
Soon, my love I'm gone...


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