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The Early Years

    May 24th, 1950

    Terry Scott Taylor as a Child
  • Terry Scott Taylor is born to Jerry Joe Taylor and Viann Borthick in Los Angeles, CA. Terry's brother Randy Steven Taylor is born the following year. Terry's Aunt Heidi was born the year after that.

    May 28, 1951

  • Alex MacDougall, future percussionist for Daniel Amos is born in Orange County, CA.

    July 10, 1951

  • Ed McTaggart, future drummer for Daniel Amos is born.

  • Word Records is founded in Waco, TX by Jarrell McCracken.

    February 25, 1952

  • Jerry Parker Chamberlain, future guitarist for Daniel Amos is born in Los Angeles, CA.


  • John Mark Cook, future keyboardist for Daniel Amos is born.

    August 23 1954

  • Marty Dieckmeyer, future bassist for Daniel Amos is born and raised in La Puente, CA.
    Marty started playing guitar at the age of 12, piano at the age of 14 and bass guitar at 15.

    October 12, 1954

  • Future Lost Dog and "guest Eddie", Mike Roe is born.

    July 13, 1955

  • Future keyboardist for Daniel Amos Robert Dana Watson is born.

    October 13, 1958

  • Future Lost Dog, Choir vocalist and DA roadie, Derrald "Derri" Daugherty, is born.


  • When Terry was 9 years old, he loved to pretend he was Zorro. (Source: "Zorro" by Terry S. Taylor (from the STUNT web site)

  • Terry's grandparents raised him.
    Terry: "I spent a great deal of my childhood with my grandparents because of the many difficulties my parents had in the early years of their marriage. They were VERY young parents, and my grandparents were a source of support and comfort for two people who were just kids themselves. My grandfather was loving and generous in spirit and a great role model for me. I miss him greatly."

  • Terry: "My Grandpa used to whistle 'Old Rugged Cross' when we used to travel... he would always whistle 'Old Rugged Cross', and he had this beautiful voice so he would sing and just drive and he was just... in his own world... and I'm sure he didn't know at all then what that meant to me as a child hearing that and the warmth of that and the security of that... and the power of that song, 'The Old Rugged Cross'."

  • Terry's grandfather used to call him "T-Bone" - but, no one knows why.

  • Terry: "I was acquainted with the church where my mom went, which was not a good start for me. As a kid, I was deeply disturbed by what I saw going on. They would have nights of weeping and repentance. It was frightening. The next experience I had was over in Dana Point where I joined Royal Ambassadors, a sort of Christian Boy Scouts thing. The kid that invited me to go to Royal Ambassadors, Roger something-or-other, was the pastor's kid. Roger's favorite thing to do when his dad asked us to stand and pray, was to cut the cheese. And inevitably, we would laugh, and we would get in trouble because we were laughing during prayer. So, that was another strange church experience. (laugh) A druggie friend of mine (Timothy Warner) from high school became a Christian, and it was his testimony that had the greatest impact on me. He helped me to get away from looking at those past experiences, and look to the person of Christ; who He was, and what He did. That was refreshing and new."(Source: Jeff Elbel "An Interview With Terry Taylor", True Tunes News - Summer 1994)

    November 29, 1959

  • Terry's future occasional percussionist and member of the Choir Steve Hindalong is born.

    February 3, 1960

  • Future DA/Eddies bassist Tim Chandler is born.

    June 6, 1960

  • Greg Flesch, future guitarist for the Eddies and DA, is born.

    April 6, 1961

  • Future Lost Dog and Swirling Eddie (Prickly Disco), Gene "Eugene" Andrusco is born.

    September 3, 1961

  • David Nicholas Perry is born. Dave went on to be DA's tour video producer in the 1980s and had a hand in the production of the "Darn Floor Big Bite" album cover and Swirling Eddies video "Splittle & Phlegm."

    (Tom Ransom, Terry Taylor and Phil Terrell)

    March 1, 1963

  • Future Choir and Swirling Eddies sax player, "Buckeye (Jazzbo)" Dan Michaels, is born.


  • Terry's first band tried out for the "Ted Mack's Amatuer Hour" judges, but failed to pass the tryouts and did not appear on the show.

  • Terry forms the garage band The Eccentrics and later, the punk band, The Wimps.

    August 16, 1964

  • Stumtman Tom Gulotta is born


  • When Terry was a High School sophomore in 1965, he was in a band called "Scarlet Staircase". The "Scarlet Staircase" was Terry, Phil Terrell, Tom & Dan Ransom, & Mike Sult.


  • Terry left the "Scarlet Staircase" to join with Tim Warner (rhythm guitar), Randy Ritchie (drums), Bud Rimback (bass), and Bruce Lochrie (lead guitar) in their band "The Cardboard Scheme." With Terry's addition, the 'Scheme' now had two lead singers.
    "The Cardboard Scheme" played all over Santa Clara valley. Their repertoire consisted of Beatles and that type (including other British Invasion stuff), as well as the more complex stuff of Buffalo Springfield (they did nothing even remotely Christian). And they did a ton of "Originals", written by Terry and Timothy. At one point the band opened for Van Morisson.
    They lasted about a year as a band and broke up the summer before they were seniors.

    (Bud Rimbach, Randy Ritchie, Terry Taylor and Phil Terrell)
  • The Cardboard Scheme's motto was "Everything for the group".

    (Los Gatos High School, Los Gatos, California)
  • The "CopperBrick Window" was formed from the remnants of Scarlet Staircase. "Window" was Tom Ransom, Terry's brother-in-law Phil Terrell (Phil is Terry's wife's brother), Les Moreno, Dan Ransom and Phil Kent.
    The band had two lead singers, after the fashion of the "Scheme" and a very popular local San Jose band called "People" (which featured Larry Norman as one of the two lead singers for that band). They had the occasion to play with "People". Terry and Timothy went to Los Gatos High, Larry was from neighboring rival Leigh High (Randy Stonehill also went to Leigh).
    "CopperBrick Window" was only considered a working title until they found their own name, which they did before they played their first official gig. Terry never thought of himself as being *IN* "CopperBrick Window" since they agreed they wanted to have their own identity.

  • "Copperbrick Window" was managed by Terry's (then future) brother-in-law Stan Sult (Stan is Terry's wife's sister's husband).(Source: Timothy Warner)

    July 1966

  • Cardboard Scheme opens for Van Morrison and Them at the Losers South Club in San Jose.

    October 15, 1966

    Cardboard Scheme concert poster
  • The Cardboard Scheme performs at Los Gatos High's Rock Festival in San Jose, California. (Terry was 16!)


    (Terry Taylor and Phil Terrell 1967)


    (Terry Taylor, Bruce Lochrie and Tim Warner 1968)
  • The "Copperbrick Window" becomes known as the "Fresh Babies". The band was still managed by Terry's (then future) brother-in-law Stan Sult (Stan is Terry's sister-in-law's husband). (Source: Phil Terrell)

  • The "Cardboard Scheme" breaks up.(Source: Phil Terrell)

    Summer 1968

  • Terry, Bruce Lochrie and Randy Ritchie record a number of demos at Randy's house. Songs included "Somebody Saturday".


  • After the break-up of "Cardboard Scheme", Terry and Timothy sort of went seperate ways while in High School and the year or so after. With the "Scheme" broken up and when "Fresh Babies" lost it's two singers, Terry was asked to join Phil Terrell (Terry's future brother in law), Doug Montgomery and Phil's brother in law, Mike Sult to form a "new" band with a different sound and a new name - "Pecos Bill", which also occasionally went by the name of "Down Home". (Source: Terry Taylor, Leah Terrell, Phil Terrell & Timothy Warner)

  • Terry and Phil Terrell steal Phil's sister Barbara's tape recorder. The duo filled Barbara's tape with a silly version of the Beatles' "Glass Onion" and some bad jokes. "Glass Onion" featured Phil singing the lyrics at a fast speed and Terry making drum noises in the background. (Source: Leah Terrell)

    Summer 1969

  • "Pecos Bill" (Aka "Down Home") recorded a few tracks in San Francisco at Magnum/Onyx Studios. This place was owned by the brother of the guy who owned Fantasy Records in Berkeley where Creedence Clearwater Revival recorded. Songs recorded included a Terry Taylor original called "Mona". The tapes and Terry's Tape recorder were stolen out of his trunk and were never recovered. (Source: Leah Terrell, Phil Terrell, with Terry Taylor correcting Phil's "clouded mind")

  • 18 year old Ed McTaggart buys a 10 year old drum set that would eventually become the one used with DA.

    March 4, 1969

  • Future DA Webmaster & jr Stuntman Jason Townsend is born.


  • Marty Dieckmeyer plays in a number of bands while in High School, including Wall to Wall MeatLoaf, and Alan Webster's Chocolate Banana Mystery Band, as well as his High School Jazz Band.
    At one time, Marty was asked to play with a Jazz Pianist from LA. The band, Mao and the Now Generation, rehearsed twice and performed one show in Santa Barbara opening for BB King.

    February 1970

  • Terry and Phil Terrell join the National Guard.(Source: Phil Terrell)

    March 21, 1970

  • Jerry attends a Chicago/Grand Funk Railroad concert at the Long Beach Arena with members of his current band, The Cars (not THE Cars) - a.k.a. Cosmo Topper & The Electric Dogs. Jerry is kicked out of the band shortly after.
    Jerry: "They (GFR) were so loud, they blew out the PA system before Chicago even took the stage. My bandmates were so blown away by GFR that night that they decided they didn't need a lead singer anymore and would become a three-piece power trio."

    May-November 1970

  • Terry and Phil Terrell are in boot camp Fort Ord, Ca.
    Phil: "When we got back from training, we served one weekend a month and spent two weeks each summer on active duty at Camp Roberts which is in central Ca. by Paso Robles off Hwy. 101"


  • Terry and Timothy started a trio with Doug Montgomery on vocals & percussion, and another guy, and called themselves "Good Shepherd". They began to write and play Christian music all over the place -- Bible Studies, Park Concerts, Churches, Jesus Rally's, etc.(Source: Terry Taylor and Timothy Warner)
    Terry: "I had a friend in highschool (Timothy Warner) (and we) had gone through a lot of experiences together... some drugs, some religion. He had gotten into meditation and I had gotten into Scientology and we went our serparate ways. I hadn't seen him for a long time and he walked in one day and he had a 400 lbs. Bible under his arm and he sat down and laid it all on me and I thought it was a trip, ya know. That was the same time that I was becoming disillusioned with my own spiritual life and was searching. What he said made sense... I had heard about Jesus all my life and I didn't necessarily reject what I had heard but I didn't know how that had to do with me personally. That was the uniqueness of what he had to tell me. That it was a personal relationship and that was unique to me. That I could know God. So that stayed with me and eventually I gave in and asked the Lord into my life." (June 1985)
    "After I became a Christian... it took me a while to assert my new Christian world view to all my tunes. When I first started out I was doing a little of everything." (June 1985)

  • Terry writes his first song with a decidedly Christian message, "Walkin' With My Lord."

    Terry Scott Taylor in the Son Worshippers
    (Terry, Tim & Doug perform in the Sonworshipers Film)
  • A film was made in 1971 called The Son Worshipers in which they are featured with others such as "Love Song" and Larry Norman. They were on the verge of recording an album in the Bay Area when Timothy left the group in 1972 due to some personal problems. (Source: Terry Taylor and Timothy Warner)

    Terry Scott Taylor and Tim Warner
    (Terry and Tim jamming at a snow retreat)
  • Demos for the following songs were recorded by Terry, Tim and Doug, in Timothy Warner's bedroom: "Jesus, My Light And My Own" (Written Terry Taylor & Tim Warner, Sung Terry & Tim), "Jesus Saved my Soul" (Written by Terry Taylor, Sung by Terry), "Hold On" (Written by Tim Warner, Sung by Tim), "I've Got Glory, Never Gonna Find..." (Written by Terry Taylor, Sung by Terry, Tim & Doug), "Sinner Man" (Written by Terry Taylor, Sung by Terry), "Jesus Came To Set His People Free" (Written by Tim Warner, Sung by Tim), "That's What Jesus Can Do" (Written by Terry Taylor & Tim Warner, Sung by Tim), "We're Gonna Live Forever" (Written by Jeff Johnson, sung by Tim).

    (Little Gene as Young Darren in "Bewitched")
  • Gene Andrusco, future member of the Lost Dogs (Gene Eugene) and the Swirling Eddies (Prickly Disco), plays "David The Deputy" in the TV movie, "The Screaming Woman", and played "(Young Darren) Marvin" in an episode of "Bewitched" ("Out Of The Mouths Of Babes").


  • Ed McTaggart - future drummer for DA - is married.

  • Alex MacDougall joins Selah as their drummer.

  • Steve Baxter, Kenny Paxton and Freddy Sakehama attended San Jose Bible College together. They all played solo at a youth group concert at Church and decided they should try to play together. They rented a house together and became a band.

    July 15, 1972

  • Steve Baxter, his roommate John Chaney and Jerry Keever perform at the Jesus House in Cincinnati, OH. The Jesus House was a home that was converted into a concert venue for early Jesus Music artists under the direction of Randy Matthews. Artists that would frequently perform there throughout the 1970's included Matthews, Gary Chapman, The Willoughby-Wilson Band, and Rich Mullins.

  • Gene Andrusco, future member of the Lost Dogs (Gene Eugene) and the Swirling Eddies (Prickly Disco), supplies the voice of "Rogger Barkley" in the animated TV series, "The Barkleys".
    Also that year, Gene supplied the voice for "Flip" in the animated TV series "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" (1972-1974), played Vince Blaine in the TV movie "Gidget Gets Married", and played "Justin" in and episode of the TV series "Cannon" ("The Rip Off").

  • Terry started another band in San Jose called "Judge Rainbow and the Prophetic Trumpets" with Bob Fraidenburgh, Joan Tibbs and some others.

  • Demos of the following songs were recorded during this time by the Prophetic Trumpets, or Terry solo, (all of which were recorded in Katy Haselden's home):
    "'Aint gonna fight it", "Calvary road (version 1)", "Calvary road (version 2)", "Come along", "Down the glory road", "Expect a miracle tonight", "For me to live is Christ - to die is gain", "Give it", "Heaven's gates are open wide", "I wanna be ready", "I'm gonna sing my favorite songs to you", "Jesus in me - Jesus in you", "Jesus is the way (You can't go around the cross)", "Jesus Jesus Jesus", "The joy of the Lord is your strength", "Knock Knock Knock", "Life", "The light of the word", "Meal", "Medley: Dear Captain/Build Your House Upon The Rock/The Bible/Dear Captain", "Sad Ole Song (Version 1)", "Sad Ole Song (Version 2)", "Separate ways", "Since Jesus gave me sweet salvation", "Take all my fears away", "Wait wait on the master", "We have it in you Lord", "We're gonna live forever", "William", and "You must be born again."

  • Steve Baxter had announced to his band (Kenny Paxton and Freddy Sakehama) that they were going to fellowship with Terry Taylor who was working with a street ministry called the Open Door as their worship minister.
    Kenny Paxton: "We sat down on the floor at a place called the Upper Room which is where Terry worked, pulled out our guitars and started working on some songs, Steve's "The Bible" and Terry's "Ain't Gonna Fight It" among others. We got some good harmonies going and the sound on "Ain't Gonna Fight It" was really moving - a tears in my eyes kind of thing."

  • Jubal's Last Band was formed as Terry Taylor, Steve Baxter, and Kenny Paxton.

    August 25, 1972

  • Terry Scott Taylor marries Debi Lynn Terrell in Santa Clara, CA.


    The Way
    (The Way was John Wickham, Gary Arthur, Alex MacDougall, Dana Angle, Bruce Herring)

  • Alex MacDougall plays drums on the first self titled album by The Way, released on Maranatha Records. Shortly after, he joins the band.

  • Ed McTaggart begins to play drums for Bill Sprouse, jr and his band The Road Home. Other band members included guitarist John Wytock, John Falcone on bass and Diane Hershey on vocals.

    May-June 1973

  • John Chaney, roommate of Steve Baxter at San Jose Bible College, meets Terry while visiting his future wife. John would go on to play drums for Jubal's Last Band a few times over the summer and fall of 1973.
    John: "As I was taking her to her apt one night, I heard someone playing the guitar and singing christian lyrics. I had to meet who it was, so I knocked and Terry came to the door. We started talking and we connected relationally fast. Within days Terry & Debbie and Susie & I were friends."

    Summer 1973

  • Terry quits his Janitorial job at Sears and begins to work with the San Jose Hotline, with friend John Chaney, organizing concerts for the area. It was around this time that the San Jose Hotline brought Love Song to town to perform at San Jose State University Ballroom. It was decided that Terry should open the show.
    John: "Terry did his few songs (with another guy playing lead). The crowd, of about 1000 - 1500, loved him. He was a hit."
    Terry: "Before I was playin' any kind of music and I had written this song ("Aint Gonna Fight It"), I worked at the San Jose Hotline and we sponsored Love Song when they came into town. So everybody at the Hotline told me, 'Terry, you gotta play this song for the guys in Love Song.' and I said oh, I can't do that... ya'know they're gonna think I'm a weird kid or something. They said no you gotta do it, so I felt pressured so I went down and I followed Chuck Girard around like a lost dog... no pun intended... and Chuck said 'yeah, I'll listen to your song at some point. So why don't you come backstage about a half an hour before we go on'. I said ok, so I went back there with my little guitar case and I was shakin' like a leaf. He opens the door and he says come on in. 'Hey guys... Terry's gonna play you his song...' and it was the whole band sitting there... Phil Keaggy was over in the corner. So I played this song for them and they said that's a good song you ought to maybe do a record sometime... one thing led to another and I did a record..."

  • Terry met Chuck Starnes, who was involved a Christian Youth outreach called the San Jose Rescue Missio. Starnes would become Jubal's Last band's new drummer. The Mission met in the old Governor Hayes Mansion in San Jose. It was a coffee house style outreach that reached many with music and teaching and retreats.
    Kenny: "Our practice room on the third floor (or was it the attic?) was unfinished but we could lock it and leave our stuff up there. We played at youth events the Mission sponsored there in the Mansion."
    Kenny: "We even took our acoustics to San Francisco and were street musicians for a day near Fisherman's Wharf. We collected about 25 cents and a Hershey bar in an open guitar case on the sidewalk. I think the guy who threw in the candy bar said something like 'you guys need this more than I do.'"
    Chuck: "There was also a drunk fisherman who came up and listened for a moment to our music. Feeling like he should give something, he walked up to the open case, reached in his pocket, and when he pulled his hand out a dead shrimp fell into the case. We all laughed."


    Spring Canyon
  • Mark Cook records an album for Warner Brothers with his band, Spring Canyon and producer Richard Podolor, best known for his work with Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper and Steppenwolf . Although the album was never released, Spring Canyon played concerts with bands like Styx and Crazy Horse. Tracks include: (Side One) 1. Enbhomasha, 2. It's Alright, 3. All Night Girl, 4. This Could Never Be, 5. Marcella (Beach Boys Cover); (Side two) 1. Be My Friend, 2. Right For A Kite, 3. Still I Wonder Why, 4. As the Tide Passes and 5. I Can't See Tomorrow.
    Bill Cooper: "We did the record deal directly with Joe Smith (president of Warner Bros Records). By the time the record was done Joe was no longer president and the new president, since he was not the one who "green lighted" the record, wouldn't release it. It was just scrapped. Sad.. because there was a lot of nice stuff on the album. It was fun to make. We even had the guys breathe helium on one song so the background voices would sound like munchkins ...it was after we had done 'Joy To The World' with Three Dog Night and had gotten a 24 trk tape machine."


    Jubal's Last Band Cassette
  • Jubal's Last Band (Terry Taylor, Steve Baxter, Kenny Paxton and Chuck Starnes) records a demo tape on their Sky In The Pie label that included the following songs:
    "Holy Rollin' Again", "Ain't Gonna Fight It", "What Kind Of Revolution" (written by Chuck Starnes), "William", "Freedom" (written by Steve baxter and later retitled 'Love In A Yielded Heart'), "The wrong side of the bed Blues" (written by Ken Paxton, featuring Terry on bass), "The Bible", "Dusty Road", "The Light Of The Word" and "Calvary Road". The tape ended with Terry explaining Jubals last band's contact information and where to write to the Upper Room.
    Kenny: "We took it (the demo) to an acquaintance of Terry's at Warner Bros. in Hollywood before we moved to Orange County - but no luck."
    Kenny: "We also went by Maranatha! Music and Terry introduced us to Tom Coomes from Love Song."

    Jubal's Last Band
    (Left to Right: Steve Baxter, Chuck Starnes, Kenny Paxton and Terry Taylor. Photo courtesy of Terry Taylor)
  • Ed McTaggart's first child, Rachel is born.

  • Alex MacDougall quits playing drums for the band, The Way.

    Spring 1974

  • Marty Dieckmeyer moves from La Puente, CA to Costa Mesa and becomes the bassist for Captain Salvation.
    Marty: "A friend of mine enrolled in the San Jose Bible College and needed a ride up there from La Puente. So I volunteered, since I was the only one with a truck at the time. I decided to hang out for a about 3 days and that's when I met Steve Baxter. He told me he was in a Christian band and that the band was going to move to So Cal and ‘join' Marantha Music and that we should get together once their down there and jam. We didn't exchange numbers or anything, as a matter of fact that was the extent of our conversation.
    I drove back to La Puente and started contemplating life after College. I wanted music to be my career, but I didn't know if one could play Rock 'n Roll as a Christian. Even if you could, I didn't know how to pursue it as a Christian. After a long conversation with a friend of mine named Jack Mayfield, he encouraged me to 'walk right into those Maranatha offices and tell them I was available'. We all thought you could just go right in and sign-up, like in the army. I was very intimidated by the whole thing, but Jack told me this was what God wanted me to do (I guess God told him what He wanted for me). So we drove down to the offices and I went in and told the secretary, Sally Withrow, that I could play bass or keyboards and wanted to know if anyone was looking for someone with my qualifications. Well it just so happened that Sally was talking to Don Abshur when I went in. Don was part of Maranatha Music and part of Calvary Chapels approved bible study leaders. She asked me for my phone number and said she'd ask around. Then, when I was starting to walk out the door, Don Abshur said he just formed a new band and they needed a bass player. So I jammed with them and after a couple of days of praying and thinking about it, I joined their band."

    February 4, 1974

  • Future DA Webmaster & jr Stuntman Eric Townsend is born.

    April 14, 1974

  • Ed McTaggart performs with The Road Home at the Japanese Village Maranatha Day in Santa Ana, CA. Also on the bill was Wing and a Prayer, a band made up of Al Perkins (formerly of the Burrito Brothers and Steven Still's Manassas), Tom Stipe (formerly with Country Faith), Tom Coomes (Love Song), John Mehler (Love Song) and Jay Truax (Love Song). Each band performs three times on this Easter Sunday event.

    May 1, 1974

  • Occasional Jubal's Last Band drummer John Chaney moves to Colorado.

    May 10, 1974

    Jubal's Last Band Concert Poster
  • Jubal's Last Band performs with Skidmore and Adams at San Jose Bible College in San Jose, CA.
    The concert was performed from a stage in the Gym, Terry played his Telecaster through some amp top through a homemade speaker box with unfinished plywood sides, Steve played his Ovation through Terry's Ovation PA, Kenny played his Fender Precision Bass w/Rotosound strings and a Peavey amp and Chuck was on drums.
    Chuck: "Before we went on stage, Terry said, 'Well guys -- This might be Jubal's Last Stand!!' "
    View Set List

    Summer 1974

  • Jubal's Last Band moves to Southern California to become a part of Maranatha Music. Drummer Chuck Starnes, who felt called in a different direction, left the band, moving to Canada to attend Prairie Bible College in Canada. The college, which had banned rock music, insisted that Starnes cut his hair. Later, Starnes went on to pastor his own Church.

    Mid-Late 1974

  • Terry, Steve, Ken Paxton on bass and Alan Young on drums meet Jerry Chamberlain at a musicians fellowship at Calvary Chapel. After some spotaneous jamming, Chamberlain is asked to join Jubal's Last Band. JLB worked on at least one future DA song at this time, "Don't Light Your Own Fire."

  • One Sunday, after morning service at Calvary Chapel, Steve Baxter and Marty Dieckmeyer bumped into each other. Steve told Marty that his band, Jubal's Last Band, had just recently moved down from San Jose. Steve asked Marty if he wanted to jam with them the following night.
    Marty: "They (Steve, Terry and Kenny Paxton) were rehearsing with an Electric Guitar player and a drummer, both of whom they had just met at Maranatha Musicians fellowship. He asked me if I wanted to jam with them tomorrow night. Their Bass player played Piano as well as bass and they wanted another person (me) who could play Bass and Piano so Kenny (Paxton) could go back and forth on each instrument as needed."

  • The next day, Marty arrived for the jam to discover that Kenny Paxton had quit the band. The jam lasted about 2 hours and afterwords the other band members asked Marty to join the band.
    Marty: "I told them I would if they got rid of the drummer and changed the name of the band. The drummer wasn't very good, as a matter of fact he was bad (sorry drummer).... they said ok to both, so I joined... We rehearsed at Steve Baxter's apartment and my garage. We had a hard time coming up with band names so we kept the name Jubal until we could decide on a new name"

  • Jubal's first gig as Terry Taylor, Steve Baxter, Jerry Chamberlain and Marty Dieckmeyer was at a Bible study at a friends house.
    Marty: "We played about six songs. The whole time none of us looked up or played with our eyes open, we were soooo scared. There were only about nine people there."

  • Marty: "I contacted a guy who booked groups at coffee shops and bible studies and he scheduled us to play (oops…. I mean minister). We played at about 10 to 20 places over the course of about 6 mos. We played anywhere. Most places were small, the people were usually old, we had to drive long distances and we only got paid about $10 to $50 . We wanted to reach young unsaved people, so we ended that relationship hoping for better."

    August 10, 1974

    The Road Home Article
  • The Road Home is featured in the Santa Ana Register in Santa Ana, CA.


  • Maranatha! Four is released on Maranatha! Music. It includes two songs by the group Road Home, "Since I Met Jesus" and "Psalm 5." Ed McTaggart plays drums for the Road Home.

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