Now That I've Died

from the album Dig Here Said the Angel

Music by Daniel Amos, Words by T.S. Taylor
©2013 Shape of Air Music

Babe, I'm happy now, and much more grateful
Not to mention less contentious, vengeful and hateful
Guess I'm what you would call childlike and playful
Just swimming with the tide
I lost me stiff, stiff neck and my hard, hard, heart
My self-respect is off the charts
Just hanging out here on the other side
Dead to my pride, now that I've died

I can't hurt you now or harm anyone
I'm too busy helping people and having fun
I'm not a loner anymore since I joined the tribe
On the other side
And I love my neighbor as I love myself
I'm loved by God I've got my health
I'm going strong and becoming wise
I couldn't lie if I tried,
Now that I've died!

My new skin glows, I can't help but smile
Cuz the music round here is just my style
Every door's been unlocked and I'm going inside
All bushy tailed and wide eyed

I sell records world wide now that I've died

Up here I don't hold back, I never flinch
I go the extra mile when asked for an inch
And the rich serve the poor and the poor are the rich
It's kind of hard to describe

I'm never cynical, but still a little sarcastic
By the way the cuisine here is pretty fantastic
And I never have to ask what's the truth what's a lie
It's pretty cut and dried
Now that I've died!

Like I said babe, I'm so much more grateful
Imagine me all honorable and faithful!
But things have changed, I'm not so unstable
Completely satisfied
And the future's getting brighter
Now that I'm past the hard part
Of walkin' through that dark door
Into the darkest dark
Let me say baby, (all this missing you aside)
I've never been more alive,
Now that I've died!


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