The Bubble Bursts

from the album "BibleLand"

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
1994 Twitchen Vibes/B-1 Music/ Chenka-Chenka Music/ Word Music, ASCAP
I'm not quite as bad as you think I am
Not quite as good as you might have planned
I let you down and I'll do it again

I'll burst your bubble
I'll burst your bubble
I'll burst your bubble
that thin membrane's
in lots of trouble

I value all the words you don't want to hear
Conceal every doubt that you've learned to fear
Your heroes are just human and this much is clear

Come early, take a number and then stand in line
where I'll wrap each disappointment in a warning sign
No there'll be no big surprises when I'm in decline

When you say your prayers
please include my name
if my humanity causes you some pain
Hoping for the best
and I will do the same
So hold up my heart
if I twist your brain