<Swine Before Pearl, Vol 2>

Swine 2

Blindness and Madness and Astonishment of the Heart - Swine Before Pearl, Vol. 2

Terry Scott Taylor

2011 Stunt Records
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor and Tom Gulotta for Stunt Productions

Swine Before Pearls, Vol 2

1. Album intro
2. My Valentine (new)
3. Broken Ladders (Acoustic)
4. Oh Sweet Companion (Acoustic)
5. When Worlds Collide (Acoustic)
6. Blowing Smoke (Acoustic)
7. Loveland (Acoustic)
8. It's Only Love (new)
9. You Ring My Bell (new)
10. Madonna Inn (2011 remix)
11. Divine Instant (Alternate)
12. UFO (DA unreleased)
13. Happily Married Man (Live)
14. If You Want To (Live)
15. Our Night To Howl (rough)
16. Love Chapter
17. Maybe All I Need (2011 remix)
18. Your Thief (demo)
19. Ditto
20. My Cardboard Box
21. I Love You #19 (demo)
22. Tracking The Amorous Man (rehearsal)

All songs by Terry Scott Taylor - Shape of Air Music/BMI.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

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Recording Information

Recorded at Terry's place, February 2011
Engineer: Terry Scott Taylor
2011 Mixes by Derri Daugherty and Eric Townsend


Cover art and photo by Tom Gulotta
Layout by Eric Townsend
Back Cover Photo of Lemuel and Omah Morris

Dedicated to Love-Birds Everywhere!

Thanks to Steve and Leah Fox for being such gracious hosts and for the for the studio help.

Dedicated with love to all and deep, ongoing gratitude to Eric and Jason Townsend, Todd Ludahl, Ken and Michelle Van Egmond, Katy Haseldon, and to my dearest friend, Tom "G" Gulotta. Without you, my gracious friends, this project would not have been possible.

The Swirling Eddies Are:

Terry Taylor, who sings the vocals and

plays most of the guitars
Tim Chandler, who plays bass and

some occasional rhythm guitar
David Raven, who plays drums and percussion
Jerry Chamberlain, who plays lead guitars
Greg Flesch, who plays occasional guitar and piano
Gene Eugene, who plays most of the keyboards and piano



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