Daniel Amos ~ Horrendous Disc
1978-1981 Solid Rock Records , Produced By Daniel Amos & Mike Stone
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Master Cylinder One:
1. I Love You #19 (Taylor)
2. Hound Of Heaven (Taylor)
3. (Near Sighted Girl With Approaching) Tidal Wave (Taylor)
4. Sky King (Out Across The Sky) (Taylor)

Master Cylinder Two:
1. On The Line (Taylor)
2. I Believe In You (Taylor)
3. Man In The Moon (Chamberlain)
4. Never Leave You (Cook)
5. Horrendous Disc (Taylor)

UK Version Adds:
After All These Years (Taylor)

Daniel Amos:

Terry Taylor: Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
Jerry Chamberlain: Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer: Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Mark Cook: Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals
Ed McTaggart: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Alex MacDougal: Percussion

Black Colored Vinyl
Special Collectors Edition
Pressed On Mars

Attention Earthlings:
Allow hi-fi needle to orbit grooved musical saucer at maximum decibel level

For Personal Appearances:
Street Level Arists Agency
7046 Hollywood Boulevard - suite 602
Hollywood California 90028
(213) 463-5181

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