Some Friendly Advice

from the album "Zoom Daddy"

Words by Terry Taylor, Music by Terry Taylor, David Raven and Tim Chandler
1988 Broken Songs

(la la la la ...)
bake a cake, swim a lake
do a jig, slop a pig
say a prayer, cut your hair
smell a rose, pick your nose
take a trip, write a script
take a course, eat a horse
take a nap, draw a map
do your duty, shake your booty

something that you wouldn't ordinarily do
something just a little bit different for you
like forgiving a friend and an enemy too
you'll feel better, you'll feel better
when your little day is through

smoke a cigar, drive a sports car
read the good book, try a skyhook
call your mother, kiss your father
tell em' you love em', clean your oven
get up early, do a curly
feed the hungry, spend some money
feel the breeze, cut the cheese
chiken walk, smile at a cop


see a show, dig a hole
fly a kite, take a hike
twiddle your thumbs, scratch your buns
make a face, run in place
play some pool, go back to school
drink a beer, pierce your ear
abstain from sex and cigarettes
go out to eat, soak your feet
make a mud pie, greet a fat guy
floss your teeth, keep the peace


write yourself a note that says
"be of good cheer"
(la la la la ...)
paint yourself a sign that says
"the beginning is near"

wash your dog, burn a log
visit a widow, fluff your pillow
paint a picture, clean your dentures
learn to surf, go to church
have a picnic, buy a quick-pick
join a carpool, drink a yahoo
play monopoly, eat some broccoli
take a bath, scratch your rash
knit a sweater, write a letter
roll downhill, make a will
flick your bic, call in sick
keep a vow, milk a cow
start a business, make a wish list
beat a drum, suck your thumb
go to confession, learn a lesson
visit a zoo, pack a mule
go to sears, cry some tears
give stuff away, act in a play
plant a tree, work for free
join a club, save your stub
visit a jail, read your mail
t.p. a house, turn-on your spouse
plant potatoes, pick tomatoes
sleep in late, lose some weight
make up a dance, take a chance
walk around nude, play with your food
get baptized, go skydive
cast a vote, sail a boat
hold your breath, shop for less
help a neighbor, do a favor
pick up litter, eat a corn fritter ...

*hey kids, the challenge here is to actually try to do everything on this list, in good conscience, of course. Write and tell us how you've done