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The ¡Alarma! Chronicles Years

  • Demos were recorded for Alarma!. Among them were "Little Things", "As Long As I Live" (also recorded earlier in fall 1978) and "Off My Mind" (all three, with Ojo Taylor on keyboards. "Little Things" and "Off My Mind" were later released on "Shirley Goodness and Misery". The 1981 demo for "As Long As I Live" was later released on the Terry Scott Taylor CD single, "Mr Flutter"), "My Room", "No Spaceship", and "Out of Town" (all three included on the CD reissue for Alarma), "Faces To The Window", "Only One", "Hit Them", "Walls of Doubt", "Through The Speakers", "Colored By", "Central Theme".
    Terry: "That was complicated too, because we were in a contract with Larry (Norman). Basically, our hands were tied. Here's this creative band chomping at the bit, ready to keep going, to make records and tour, to keep writing songs, and Horrendous Disc was just holding it all up. It was so frustrating it could bring tears to your eyes... we were struggling financially, it was a very, very tough time. And most record companies didn't want to deal with us, because we still had the cloud over us of these contracts with Norman, and still an unreleased album."

  • The following songs were performed during this time: "Everyone's fallen down" (Taylor) [later released on "Live Bootleg 82"], "Love has open arms" (Taylor) [later released on "Live Bootleg 82"].

  • Larry Norman's "Barking at the Ants" is released on Larry's Phydeaux label. The cover of the record featured a large photo of Terry Taylor and Randy Stonehill in concert, with a white strip across their faces that read "The British Invasion."

    Additionally, there were four sharp, black fingernails drawn on Terry's hand. Since the record was released, the image has created a lot of confusion among fans of both artists and even among the folks at Solid Rock. There doesn't seem to be a clear picture of how the drawing got there or why it was there in the first place.

    In 2000, Norman told us that he never noticed it before and had to get a magnifying glass to see it. He later said that he thought that one of his relatives had done the drawing. He also said that it was a stupid, childish thing and apologized for allowing it to get released that way.

    In 2003, the following text was included on the LarryNorman.com website about the image.
    "One of the musicians who was a fan of Daniel Amos gave Terry Taylor black nail polish to "Anglify" the underground reputation the band had. Less than a year later it was being rumored that the black nail polish was actually sharp, pointed claws to demonize him. File this under "Can't Get A Break" because when Larry returned to America there was a conspiracy theory to rival the "Paul Is Dead" paranoid fantasies."

  • Alex MacDougall's brother Beau releases a solo album, "This Side Of heaven" on Milk & Honey Records. Musicians included Beau and Alex, Marty Dieckmeyer, Jerry Chamberlain, Bob Farrell (of Farrell and Farrell) and others. The album was produced by the MacDougall brothers.

    January 31, 1981

  • DA eventually signs with Benson Music's NewPax label after they were released from their contract with Larry Norman and Solid Rock (contrary to some reports, DA did not break their contract with Solid Rock. Their contracts were legally and validly rescinded because of their nature).
    Terry: "...the Benson Company took a chance. They said we'll just do it in good faith, and let the chips fall where they may. We appreciated the people there for that. So we went in and did the record, and the two albums came out within two weeks of each other, something like that."

  • At one point during the Alarma Sessions, studio engineer Derri Daugherty accidentally bulk erases everything except the bass guitar track on a song being produced for the album.

    March 1981

  • Daniel Amos is featured in CCM Magazine, in two different articles.
    “Whatever Happened To Horrendous Disc?”
    “No False Alarma!”

  • The same issue of CCM included an editorial, written by John Styll, documenting the steps leading up to the completion of the article, "Whatever Happened to Horrendous Disc?". ("Trials, Tribulations, and Happy Endings")

    March 20, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs at East Hill Church in Gresham, OR. (Above Ad found in the March 20, 1981 edition of the Oregonian.)

    March 21, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Everett, WA.

    April 1981

  • The previously ran Solid Rock advertisemtent for Horrendous Disc reappears in CCM magazine, this time with the caption: "After 744 Days Captive.... It was released April 1st. Vanishing now at your corner bible store!"
    View One Readers Response to the Advertisment

  • JWS reviews "Horrendous Disc" and "Alarma!" for CCM Magazine.
    View Album Reviews for Horrendous Disc
    View Album Reviews for Alarma!

    April 3, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs at Disneyland as part of the Nite of Joy. Other performers include Al Green, Sweet Comfort Band, Jesse Dixon, Joe English and others.

    April 10, 1981

    Horrendous Disc

  • Horrendous Disc is finally released, three years after it was finished.
    View Album Reviews
    Album Info & Lyrics

    Terry: "We did 'I Love You #19', which apparently inspired three or four of the Christian heavy metal bands you hear today. Jimmy Brown and Deliverance thought that was their spiritual anthem when they heard it. Sort of heavy guitar... it was recorded much too slowly. We picked up the tempo as a band when we did it in live performance.
    Jerry: "We gave ILY the #19 designation because Terry and I took a trip down to our local record shop and perused the yellow-paged directory of recorded music that used to perch atop the counters of major record stores in America. I remember counting the number of songs listed with the title, "I Love You". There were 18 listed at that time..."
    Terry: "It was a very creative record. A total departure from anything even remotely to country rock. It was purely a rock and roll record." (1996)
    "I really don't know why it was delayed. I don't know why any of the Solid Rock albums were delayed as long as they were. Why people had to be so frustrated and angered about it. I really don't know. To this day, it remains a mystery to me." (1990)

    Alex: "A tremendous creative experience for me during the recording process. I remember a feeling of exhuberance planning percussion overdubs/sfx for the title track. It was a labor of love. I remember we all recorded the basic tracks in our pajamas. Terry's brilliance was shinning through. Mark was great with arranging and Jerry was such a good vocal "thinker". Ed was just right, and Marty was great on bass. It was a team effort."

    The green and red flying disc seen on the album cover is in fact a various artists LP from 1978 entitled "Push For Excellence" released on Myrrh Records (MSB-6617). Side One was painted, the label on Side Two lists the following tracks: 1. "All Of Me" - Danniebelle, 2. "Your Love" - Bili Thedford and Danniebelle, 3. "Christ Has Made The Difference" - Jessy Dixon, 4. Rev. Jesse Jackson, 5. "Soon And Very Soon" - Andre Crouch.
    To this day, the green and red painted disc remains in Larry Norman's private collection. Larry nearly accidentally sold this record at the Cornerstone festival when a fan was purchasing copies of the HD test pressing. Larry looked in the sleeve and realised that it was the green disc and decided to keep it. (Source: Larry Norman & Kerry Hopkins)

    The photo below was taken at Dightmans Bible Book Center.

  • April 22, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Bijou Theater in Knoxville, TN with Randy Stonehill.

    May 1981

  • CCM magazine's "Feedback" column runs two letters in response to the March 1981 article, "Whatever happened to Horrendous Disc?". One from StreetLevel Artists Agency, the other from DA's attorney. ("Whatever Happened To Horrendous Disc?")

    June 1, 1981


  • ¡Alarma! is released.

    View Album Reviews
    Album Info & Lyrics

    Daniel Amos combined personality and concept on the outside and inside of their Alarma! album, conceived by the group. Photographed by Scott Lockwood and designed by Karen Knecht.

    Terry: "I really like this record. I think there are a lot of good songs on it. It has it's own sound. A lot of people think it's very new wavish... I guess there was a certain degree of that element to it. The songs seem to hold up well over time, and I'm happy about that."

    Songs that didn't make the final cut include "Only One" (later released on Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor), "No Spaceship", and "Out Of Town" (both later released on the CD release of Alarma).

  • Early 1981

  • Marty Dieckmeyer leaves DA to persue his Masters in Engineering in Southern California.

  • Terry produced Randy Stonehill's "Between The Glory And The Flame" (which featured DA as the band for the album) and Tom Howard's "Danger In Loving You" for Rebel Base Productions.

    June 1981

  • Ed McTaggart's fourth child, Jerusha, is born.

    June 6, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Oakland, CA with Randy Stonehill.

    July 1981

  • Chuck Girard recently played Vancouver's PNE Gardens. Band members were Larry Myers, Wayne Brazel, John Patitucci, David Spurr and Rob Watson - later a member of DA.

  • CCM magazine receives an angry letter from an upset reader about the April 1980 Solid Rock ad for "Horrendous Disc".
    View The Readers Response to the Advertisment

  • An article about Daniel Amos appears in CCM Magazine.
    "Caught In The Act"

    August 31, 1981

  • The first 'DA Nuz Leder' is mailed out.
    View DA Nuz Leder

    August-September 1981

  • A positive letter regarding "Horrendous Disc" appears in CCM magazine's "Feedback" column. Full page ads for "¡Alarma!" and the "¡Alarma! Radio Show" also appear in the issue.
    View The Readers Letter

    September 1-12, 1981

  • The ¡Alarma! radio special airs across the country. The special was produced by Bruce Brown.
    View transcript

    (¡Alarma! Button)

    September 5, 1981

  • Tim Chandler Joins Daniel Amos.

  • Daniel Amos begins the ¡Alarma! Tour with a performance in Denver, Colorado. The road crew was headed up by Wes Leathers and Derald Daugherty.

  • View Street Level's 1981 Daniel Amos Bio

    September 6, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Boulder, Colorado at the Blue Note Club.

    September 7, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in North Platter, Nebraska.

    September 11, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Naperville, Illinois.

    September 12, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in South Bend, Indiana at Notre Dame university.

    September 26, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in San Diego, California at Point Loma College.

    October 1981

  • Daniel Amos has two new albums on CCM Magazine's sales chart simultaneously. "Alarma!" is #7 and "Horrendous Disc" is #8.

    October 2, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Medford, New Jersey.

    October 3, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Bay Shore, New York.

    October 5-7, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Daniel Amos performs in Vancouver, BC at St. Andrew's Wesley Church.
    View set list

    October 9, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Providence, Rhode Island at Barrington College.

    October 10, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Manchester, New Hampshire at Tremont Temple.

    October 11, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Civic Center's Crouse-Hinds Theater in Syracuse, New York. with Randy Stonehill

    October 13, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Washington, Pennsylvania.

    October 14, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

    October 16, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    October 17, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs at Geneva College in Pennsylvania for their annual Homecoming Celebration. Andy Pratt also performs.

    October 18 & 19, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Fenton, Michigan.

  • DA guitar roadie Derri Daugherty met his future wife, Marlei, while on tour with DA in Michigan.

    October 20, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Cleveland, Ohio.

    October 21, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Columbus, Ohio.

    October 22, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Springfield, Illinois at the Oasis.
    The band is heckled during the show by a dim witted country fan, who's comments include such zingers as "hey you" and "hey boy, what are you doing?".
    View Set List

    (Photo taken at Bethel College in Minnesota, courtesy of Mark Prinsen)

    October 24, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Roseville, Minnesota.

    October 25, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Souix Falls, South Dakota.

    October 26, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Souix City, Iowa.

    October 27, 1981

    (DA in Independence, MO. Photos courtesy of Dave Hartung)

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Englewood Theater in Independence, MO.

    November 1981

  • Once again, Daniel Amos has two new albums on CCM Magazine's sales chart simultaneously. "Alarma!" is #12 and "Horrendous Disc" is #14.

    November 28, 1981

  • Daniel Amos performs in Pheonix, Arizona.

    December 1981

  • Daniel Amos is featured in HIS. "Scene and Heard")

  • CCM Magazine contributing writer Brian Healy wrote a parody of Karen Marie Platt's article "Whatever Happened to Horrendous Disc?" in the form of a letter from a reader commenting negatively on Randy Stonehill's LP, "Between the Glory and the Flame". The letter was a joke and was not intended for publication, but due to Karen's bias against DA and Randy (or for Larry), she thought it would be funny to print the letter as if it was actually from a reader. The letter was published in the December 1981 issue of CCM. ("Closer to the Flame")

  • In CCM Magazine's "Year In Review" issue, "Horrendous Disc" is listed as one of the top 15 selling albums of the year.

  • "I Love You #19" is listed as #19 on the CCM Magazine Top Airplay chart.

    December 31, 1981

    (DA in Ventura, CA. Photo courtesy of Greg McNaughten)

  • Daniel Amos performs in Ventura, California.


  • Terry records "The Christian Life" for Maranatha's God Loves Country Music.

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