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Horrendous Disc

I just bought the new Daniel Amos LP Horrendous Disc and I must say it’s one of the best of CCM I’ve ever heard. I cannot get over the quality which is tremendous. My 13-year-old daughter loves it, which says a lot. I’ve been trying to draw her interest to CCM for some time now (to get her to listen to a little less secular rock.) If more of the CCM would be a little less “sugar-coated” and be willing to really compare to secular music, then Christian music will get out there where it belongs. The head and not the tail (as Christians are supposed to be.)
I am a middle-aged wife and mother and if I can “relate” better to this type of Christian music, then I can imagine how a young person must feel.
I have heard preachers and evangelists preach against Christian rock (as well as secular rock, of course), But now how sad to see that Satan has blinded them on this one point, which I feel is the wrong attitude and can do much harm to the body of Christ by not recognizing that God even uses “rock” music to do His work! What a vital way to spark rebellion in young people, by “slandering” and “putting down” their music.
Along with repentance, holiness, love, separateness, I believe we need a lot more teaching on “balance” –especially where music is concerned.
So- “hats off” to such groups as Daniel Amos and excited about seeing the day when Christian rock will be played right along side the secular on secular radio stations- so that it can minister to the ones we most want to reach- the unsaved.

Nancy S. Bott
Gallion, AL