Closer to the Flame

by B.H.

CCM Magazine December 1981

About the Stonehill review, are you some kind of nut? This piece of junk has no right being on a Christian label! I got more blessed listening to the cardboard jacket. Is Randy's sound still evident? I don't even think he's on the album. The air brushed cover looks like Roger Daltry, and I hope it is - for Randy's sake. The production of Terry Taylor superb? Is this a rib?

Terry has as much right to produce an album as Bill Gaither has to perform brain surgery. If Randy wants to be a pop star, fine. Go sign with K-Tel. Since he's selling his record as a Christian artist, at least sing about Christ. You know, God. Between the glory and the flame...closer to the flame, I'd say.

Cypress, Calif.

(Note: This letter was written *as a joke* by CCM Contributing Writer Brian Healy, and was never intended for publication. However, CCM Associate Editor, Karen Marie Platt, because of her bias against Randy and Terry, decided it would be funny to run the letter as if it was sent in from a reader.)