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  • Terry writes and records a theme song for "Goodie Bear", a character created by Douglas TenNapel for Japan.

  • Glisten's Starlight Wishlist is released on Orchard. Terry Taylor was the executive producer and sang background vocals.

  • Rita Springer's All I Have is released on Floodgate Records. Rob Watson arranged strings and played keyboards on the album.

    Early 2000

    Elvis and Sweetie Pie
  • Marty Dieckmeyer begins working on new material with his band, Elvis and SweetiePie. Elvis and Sweetie-Pie's original drummer, Ed McTaggart, leaves the band and is replaced by Chuck Cummings (of Dakota Motor Company/Aunt Betty's fame).

    February 6, 2000

  • The following songs are copyrighted at this time; "Startin' Monday," "The Afternoon" and "Angels Must Smile Like That." These songs would later end up on Terry's Avocado Faultline.

    February 16, 2000

  • Fernando Ortega's Home is released on Sony/Word Records. Tim Chandler played bass guitar and David Raven played drums.

    March 1, 2000

  • Work begins on an Alarma Chronicles Box Set and a Terry Taylor live disc.

    March 3, 2000

    Daniel Amos ~ Horrendous Disc
  • Solid Rock releases Horrendous Disc on CD for the first time.

    March 20, 2000

    Gene Eugene
  • At the age of 38, Gene "Eugene" Andrusco passes away in his sleep at the Green Room in Huntington Beach. Gene had been planning on recording a new Adam Again album since the band was scheduled to play Cornerstone later in the year.
    Terry: "Gene was the kind of person you wanted to get to know. You loved him instantly. He had that power, charm, charisma ... I tend to think that was the most spiritual part of him, that part that people responded to most instinctively. Gene was also a guy that struggled with his faith, who had dark things in his life -- like we all do -- but who lived his life authentically. He truly was an artist, and he truly managed to make divine, holy things out of the darkness of his life."
    Derald Daugherty (The Choir, Lost Dogs): "He's definitely one of the most musically gifted guys I ever met. He never got cynical -- seemed to find the good in everything he worked on. His lyrical approach and melodic applications influenced me greatly. There's been a huge void left to fill in this music."
    Mike Roe (77s, Lost Dogs): "My life has turned an irrevocable page today. I will never be the same after this. God finally got my attention. Life is precious and short. If Christ is not at the center animating all of it, I might as well be dead, too. Please pray that this very big wake-up call will inspire, rather than crush, all of us that remain together in this veil of tears. Perhaps I will learn to love more and better because of this."

    March 25, 2000

  • The LA Times runs an article about Gene Eugene. "Music Falls Silent in a Magical Green Room"

  • Read Dan Macintosh's thoughts on Gene's Funeral

    March 27, 2000

  • CCM Update runs an article about Gene Eugene. "Alternative Music Pioneer Gene Eugene Dies at 39"

    April 2000

  • Terry travels to Nashville for more work on his solo project, Avocado Faultline. Jimmy Abegg is asked to create the album's cover artwork.

    April 1, 2000

  • Stunt Records reissues The Revelation on CD.

    May 8-11, 2000

  • Jason and Eric Townsend travel to North Carolina to begin mastering The Daniel Amos tribute album, When Worlds Collide.

    May 2000

  • Terry and Randy Stonehill work on a childrens record at the Green Room in Huntington Beach, CA. The project would later take on the name of Uncle Stonehill's Hat.

    June 2, 2000

  • Terry Taylor signs with Silent Planet Records, with hopes to release Avocado Faultline at Cornerstone, and to stores on July 25.

    June 5, 2000

  • Tim Chandler flies to Nashville to work on the new Choir record, Flap Your Wings.

    July 4, 2000

    Avocado Faultline

    Terry Scott Taylor ~ Avocado Faultline
  • Terry Taylor's Avocado Faultline goes on sale at Cornerstone. It appears in stores by the end of July.

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    Album Info & Lyrics

    Terry: "I think 'Papa Danced On Olvera Street' means the most to me... the relationship between fathers and sons often contains daunting complexities. I haven't written a song specifically about my father, partly because I wanted to avoid sappy sentimentality and I wanted to write what is most true about this man that I deeply love, but who is in many ways a mystery to me. Last year my father, to the surprise and delight of the family, really did do a little jig on Olvera Street, and so my song was born."

    Terry (on working with Phil Madeira): "I allowed him pretty free reign, since he's explored this kind of musical terrain much more than I have... The guy's a 'roots' artist if there ever was one. He's also a very opinionated guy, and that's great, because his observations are pretty accurate. At the same time he was gracious and extremely supportive, and I think that came from mutual respect. I literally couldn't have done the record without him."

  • July 5, 2000

    When Worlds Collide:

    A Tribute to Daniel Amos

    Daniel Amos Tribute ~ When Worlds Collide
  • A limited number of advance copies of When Worlds Collide go on sale at the DA table at Cornerstone. The tribute CDs sell out within hours.

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    Phil Madeira: "Terry and I have been acquainted since the late '70s, but our friendship really started sometime in the early '90s when Gene asked me to play B3 on a Nashville Lost Dogs date. We immediately hit it off, talking about spiritual matters, our kids, etc. We shared a common goal- beyond and higher than art- that our children follow the Lord.
    A few years later, we hooked up to cowrite some hits for a company with whom Terry was signed as a writer. In the words of Huckleberry Finn, "Nuthin' come of it", which is just as well because we just yakked. His publisher at the time didn't deserve a hit song, anyway.
    One of the great continuing joys of my life is the occassional Cornerstone gig with Terry, as well as recording together. I chose "ĦAlarma!" as my tribute tune because I've always loved the Doors-y (as opposed to Dorsey) vibe. Jerry's playing on the original kills. I was tempted to do "Ten Gallon Hat", but I think I'll wait another 20 years."

    Rick Altizer:"Terry Taylor is a good songwriter and all that, but I can't get him to stop calling me. All that guy wants to do is talk on the phone. Man, come on...get a life already."

    Bruce Brown: "It seems almost idolatrous to refer to *any* association with a musical artist as a "life changing" experience. But that is how I feel about having known these guys for some twenty-plus years now.
    At every twist in their professional road, Terry and the boys have always offered me access to their camp and a chance to probe their creative processes. They have been and continue to be receptive and polite to even the most mundane questions and comments about the bands and themselves.
    They have also aided me in immeasurably in *my* professional growth, offering me the opportunity to prove myself as a journalist (in the production of the ĦAlarma! and Doppelganger radio specials) and as an engineer (with Live Bootleg '82, rescued from oblivion by the late great Gene Eugene.)
    Like all of you, I wait with great anticipation for the next project to come from these underrated geniuses. I know I will not be disappointed."

    Sammy Horner (The Electrics): "Heck...I didn't even have a beard until Terry showed us all it was cool!"

    Jeff Elbel: "The Logos bookstore in Champaign, IL had a huge listening station along one wall. One day, I started at the top row. I am eternally grateful for having slogged through the C*rman cassettes, et cetera, to the middle of the bottom row. Outdoor Elvis sat between a Bryan Duncan tape and an Amy Grant tape. So much for alphabetical order. It was the one album I bought all semester, with what was supposed to have been lunch money. Soon after, I joined moderately responsible society and got a job. I blew my newfound wealth on whatever "Eddies-related" material I could find, including solo material by that Amos guy. My band, Farewell to Juliet, covered "The Big Guns," "Let's Spin," and "If You Want To" at live shows. Terry remains a big lyrical influence on my current work."

    Steve Taylor: "If it's true we were separated at birth, then Terry got the brains and the good looks."

  • The Alarma! Chronicles Book Set is released.

  • The Choir's Flap Your Wings is released on Resolve Records. Terry is credited with additional production. Tim Chandler played bass and guitar and cowrote "Shiny Floor," "Sunny," and "I Don't Mean Any Harm."

  • The Lost Dogs perform at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.
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    Raised by Wolves
  • John J Thompson's Raised By Wolves is published by ECW Press. The book traces the history of Christian Rock 'n' Roll, with photos and information about Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Daniel Amos, Love Song, Phil Keaggy, and many other artists. This TimeLine at DanielAmos.com served as a major resource for Daniel Amos and Terry Taylor information in the book.

    July 6, 2000

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.
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    July 8, 2000

  • Terry Taylor and friends perform at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.
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    July 25, 2000

  • Terry Taylor's Avocado Faultline is released to stores.

    August 2000

  • CCM Magazine mentions When Worlds Collide in their news section.
    "Collision Course: In case you missed it, a new Daniel Amos/Terry Taylor tribute record was released last month. When Worlds Collide features 70 minutes of material from DA and founder Taylor. The album mixes performers from yesterday (Randy Stonehill - "Beautiful One", Larry Norman - "Hound of Heaven") and today (Starflyer59 - "Shedding the Mortal Coil", Dead Artist Syndrome - "Through the Speakers") and somewhere in between (The 77s - "Shotgun Angel", Jimmy A "Blowing Smoke").
    Also included: Rick Altizer's take on the classic "I Love You #19," and Phil Madeira (Producer for Taylor's new Avocado Faultline project on Silent Planet Records) renders his version of "Alarma!".

  • True Tunes publishes a feature on When Worlds Collide, written by Dan Macintosh, that includes interviews with many of the artists featured on the CD (Larry Norman, Phil Madeira, Starflyer 59, Brian Healy, Jeff Elbel, Doug TenNapel, others) and a few that will be included on Part 2 of the tribute when it is finished (The Electrics, John Austin, Atomic Opera, others).
    "Artists Celebrate the Music of Terry Scott Taylor and Daniel Amos"

    August 18, 2000

  • DanielAmos.com begins taking pre-orders for Terry Taylor's Imaginarium and the next Daniel Amos album. The first 300 copies of the DA project will be special limited edition hand numbered and autographed prereleases.

    August 22, 2000

    City On A Hill
  • CCM Books releases City on a Hill, a book compiled by Steve Hindalong based on the CD of the same name. Terry wrote an essay entitled "Old Spice".

    September 2, 2000

  • The Lost Dogs perform in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the Harvest Moon Festival.

    September 29, 2000

  • TrueTunes Radio broadcasts a radio special featuring an interview with Terry Taylor and some of Terry's and DA's music from the last 26 years.

    September - October 2000

  • 7Ball Magazine mentions the DA Tribute Album in it's "Hard Rock Noise" News page:
    "Numerous artists have put together a tribute to Christian Rock pioneers Daniel Amos and lead singer Terry Scott Taylor. When Worlds Collide features 18 classics such as "Shotgun Angel" (77s), "Alarma!" (Phil Madeira), "Shedding the Mortal Coil" (Starflyer 59) and "(Out of) The Wild Wood" (The Throes). Producers plan to use profits from the project to benefit Compassion International and Compassion USA."

  • HM Magazine also mentions the DA tribute album in it's "Hard News" column:
    "The long awaited, much anticipated Daniel Amos Tribute, When Worlds Collide, has been confirmed for a July 4, 2000 release! The first disc was first available at Cornerstone. Expect over seventy (70) minutes of Daniel Amos and Terry Scott Taylor classics covered by some of the best artists of this and past decades. While each of the "covers" is unmistakably Taylor, each artist provides a fresh, new and individual interpretation to those songs which have meant so much to us for so long. Contributing artists include the 77s, Jimmy A, Phil Madeira, Starflyer 59, Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman, Bill Campbell, the Throes and many more. Executive producers and Coordinators, Eric and Jason Townsend, have indicated that all profits from the sale of When Worlds Collide will be used to benefit Compassion International and Compassion USA."

    November 2000

  • Starbucks includes two Lost Dogs songs, "Rebecca Go Home" and "Free Drinks and a Dream (A Vegas Story)" as part of their in-store music loop.

    Daniel Amos ~ Live C2K
  • The Limited Edition Daniel Amos live CD, Live C2K is released. The show was recorded at July's Cornerstone Festival.

    November 2, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at the Table 7 Coffee House in Sedalia, MO. with Phil Madeira.

    November 3, 2000

    Terry Scott Taylor Tour Poster
  • Terry Taylor performs at MidRivers Baptist Chapel in St Louis, MO. with Phil Madeira.
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    Terry Scott Taylor ~ Imaginarium
  • Terry S. Taylor's Imaginarium is released. The 2 CD set includes 70 tracks taken from the soundtracks to The NeverHood, Skullmonkeys and BoomBots.

    November 4, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at Vincennes University's Fort Sackville Room in Vincennes, IN with Phil Madeira.

    November 5, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at HazelDell Christian Church in Carmel, IN with Phil Madeira.

    November 6, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at the Living Room Cafe in Roseville, MN with Phil Madeira.

    November 8, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at the Trinity House Theatre in Livonia (Detroit), MI with Phil Madeira.

    November 9, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at the Living Room in Muncie, IN with Phil Madeira.

    November 10, 2000

    Terry Scott Taylor in concert at the Cup O Joy
    (Green Bay, WI. Photo courtesy of Rob Marnocha)
  • Terry Taylor performs at the Cup O' Joy Coffeehouse in Green Bay, WI with Phil Madeira.

    November 11, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at Stonebrook Community Church in Ames, IA with Phil Madeira.

    November 12, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs at the Warehouse in Chicago, IL with Phil Madeira & the Wayside.

    November 13, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs in Greenville, IL with Phil Madeira.

    November 15, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs in Cleveland, TN with Phil Madeira.
    Phil: "Our 6-hour drive (from Illinois) was actually 10. Yeah, we thought the long drives were over, too, but nay, dear reader! Anyway, we hit traffic in Nashville, my home town, and JT (the manager) called and told us the gig was on Eastern Time, - not good. So, we asked the promoter 'Are you sure you want to do this, because we'll be there 2 hours late', and he said 'The show must go on'. When we got to the gig, the venue said we couldn't play because it was too late and too little people... so, we went to the promoter's apartment.
    There we were, sitting on a couch with 10 fans and 2 babies, one of whom cried most of the time. But it was fun. We had a hard time not totally cracking up at one point. But we got thru. I decided against doing my set, as it was late, and I felt like the people would like to get right down to TST business. We did his entire set, just about, and I think the folks were really touched."

    November 16, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs in Atlanta, GA with Phil Madeira.

    November 17, 2000

    (Nicholasville, KY. Derri Daugherty, Terry Taylor, Phil Madeira and Mike Roe. Photo courtesy of Mark Brock)
  • Terry Taylor performs at Open Door United Methodist Church in Nicholasville, KY with Phil Madeira, Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong and Michael Roe.

    November 18, 2000

  • Terry Taylor performs in Bedford, Indiana with Phil Madeira and Michael Roe.

    November/December 2000

  • HM Magazine lists The Alarma Chronicles Bookset as one of the "Things we're excited about":
    "The Daniel Amos bookset, which includes all the pieces of the puzzle of the infamous and brilliant Alarma Chronicles, which spanned four albums (all of which are included here - Alarma, Doppelganger, Vox Humana and Fearful Symmetry). The curious novelette is bound in a classy hardcover, along with the lyrics, album art, photos, new liner notes, and tributes from several writers. An added treat is a transcript of the rare Alarma Radio Special. Now, it's never really been about hard music, but the impact of Terry Taylor and his band is akin to "What if the Beatles had remained intact and made music in the 80's. Perhaps this is the answer."

  • HM Magazine also mentions the DA Tribute again, in it's News section:
    "Some cool albums that slid across my desk recenty include... the Daniel Amos / Terry Taylor tribute album, When Worlds Collide, featuring artists performances by Dead Artist Syndrome, Larry Norman, Starflyer 59, The 77s and others."
    The issue also includes a review of the disc by Doug Van Pelt.
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    December 13-14, 2000

    Daniel Amos rehearsing new songs in 2000
  • Daniel Amos rehearses and demos material for their new yet untitled album in Ed McTaggert's living room.

    Late 2000

  • The Choir Unplugged - Live at Cornerstone 2000 is released in limited numbers. The Choir performs one song unreleased elsewhere that was cowritten by Derri Daugherty and Terry Scott Taylor entied "Wicked Wicked World."

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