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Outdoor Elvis

    The Swirling Eddies
    (Arthur Fhardi, Berger Roy Al, Camarillo Eddy, Prickly Disco, Hort Elvison, Spot and Gene Pool)


  • Jon Gibson's Body & Soul is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

  • The Violet Burning's Chosen is released on New Breed. Rob Watson played keyboards.

    January-March, 1989

  • Tim Chandler and David Raven Tour with Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill.

    February 1989

  • Terry Taylor is featured in CCM Magazine. "Terry Taylor Stops Kidding Around"

    February 14, 1989

  • Frontline Records releases Fruits of the Spirit - Breakfast Serials, which was produced and written by Terry Taylor.

    (Swirling Eddies Spinning Vortex and Mutual Admiration Society Fun Club Membership Card, scan courtesy of Geoff)

    March 1989

  • The "Guess the Eddies" contest ends. 750 people entered the contest and only 141 "guessed the Eddies" correctly. Some people guessed artists such as Wayne Watson and Russ Taff. The winner was Michael Patrick of Illinois.

  • The first issue of Vertigo (at the time called "The Swirling Eddies Spinning Vortex Fun Club and Mutual Admiration Society Newsletter") is mailed out. Which contains info on ordering a cassette of Greg Flesch's elevator-music-style covers of the Let's Spin album, entitled "Swirling Mellow".
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    The Swirling Eddies
    (Arthur Fhardi, Camarillo Eddy, Berger Roy Al, Prickly Disco, Hort Elvison, Spot and Gene Pool)

    March 10, 1989

  • Thad Bosley's Who Can Change The World? is released on Bellmark. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

    April 15, 1989

  • Benny Hester's Perfect is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

    April 25, 1989

  • The Choir's Wide Eyed Wonder is released on Myrrh Records. Tim Chandler cowrote "Someone to Hold On To", "Spin You Around", "Car, etc" and was featured in the "Choir Choir" on "Car, etc".

    April-May, 1989

  • Terry produces the debut album from Jacob's Trouble at Mixing Lab A&B with Gene Eugene engineering.

    May 12, 1989

  • The Altar Boys' Forever Mercy is released on Frontline Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

    July 1989

  • CCM Magazine holds a contest to guess the unknown man on the cover of Vox Humana (See the release of Vox Humana for the answer). The contest winner will receive a signed copy of the band's Darn Floor - Big Bite.

    July 11, 1989

  • Morgan Cryar's Like A River is released on Reunion Records. Rob Watson played keyboards.

    July 18, 1989

  • Jacob's Trouble's Door Into Summer is released on Alarma! Records. Terry produced and played guitar. Terry also cowrote "Awfully Familiar" with Steve Atwell, Mark Blackburn and Jerry Davison; Gene Eugene engineered; Greg Flesch played guitars, keyboards and E-Bow; Alex MacDougall played Tambourine, Maracas, etc; Background vocals on the album were provided by "The Troubling Jacobury's: Steve Atwell, Mark Blackburn, Jerry Davison, Terry Taylor, Ric Alba and Jerry Chamberlain.

  • Veil Of Ashes' Pain is released on Graceland. Ed McTaggart handled art direction for the album. Musicians included Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong and the albums producer Gene Eugene.

    August 15, 1989

  • Angelica's self-titled album is released on Intense Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the project.

    Mid-Late 1989

  • The Swirling Eddies send a special limited edition "Apology" video to everyone that ordered Spittle & Phlegm, since the video wasn't finished yet. The "Apology" video included Camarillo's lipsync version of an at the time unreleased song, "Mystery Babylon".

    September 1989

    Outdoor Elvis

    Swirling Eddies ~ Outdoor Elvis
  • Swirling Eddies Outdoor Elvis is released.

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    Album Info & Lyrics

    From this album, the song "Driving In England" reached #1 on the Rock Airplay Chart, Terry's first and only #1 song since DA released "Shotgun Angel".
    There were some Christian colleges that were actually upset that they weren't mentioned in "Hide the Beer, The Pastor's Here".

    ("Hide the Beer" ad, designed by Doug TenNapel)

    Terry: "We come from Southern California... ya know one of the early Beach Boys hits was "Surfin USA"... they named places like Dohini and a lot of other surfing spots, so the whole idea there was in doing so a lot of people got excited when their town or the place they surfed came up. So, the idea of adding the Christian Colleges in the song was an afterthought, and it was sort of the Beach Boys thing of throwing these Christian Colleges out. Some Interesting things happened with that,,, we had a dean call us and threaten to take us to court and he was gonna call all the other deans and that sort of thing. But that was before he heard the song. He had just heard the title of the song and it kind of put him off. But he cooled off after we sent him a copy and he understood the meaning of the song and that it wasn't a slam against Christian Colleges. It was kind of a fun thing - as a matter of fact, that's the kind of comments we've gotten from College Students, ya know, 'we wait to hear our College mentioned' and some were very offended because their College wasn't in the list." (June 1990)

    Terry (on the song "Billy Graham"): "I think with all of the things that have been happening, obviously in Fundamentalist Evangelical circles, it's sort of refreshing to see someone that continues to have integrity, a simple message and seems to be an honest person and that's just our little salute to Billy Graham. I'm sure there are hundreds of others that we could have been singing about, but we felt that to be an intriguing kind of approach to a song... something about a man who has been doing it all these years, and the press is constantly trying to turn up something on the guy and invalidate what he does and yet he still seems to be one of the honest people, sincere and he has an impact."

  • Swirling Eddies Button
    (Swirling Eddies "Ed Heads Unite" Button)

    September 9, 1989

  • PID's Back to Back is released on Graceland Records. Ed McTaggart handled the art direction for the album.

    October 1, 1989

  • Bob Bennett's Lord of the Past is released on Urgent Records. Alex MacDougall played percussion.

    November 14, 1989

  • Riki Michele's Big Big Town is released. Terry cowrote "Ghost In The Rain" with Gene Eugene.

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