TimeLine : 1984

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The larma! Chronicles Years

    Daniel Amos in 1984


  • 4𠪑's self-titled album is released on Blue Collar Records. Rob Watson played keyboards on "Show Me."

  • Rock Around the World is released on Refuge Records. The compilation featured the first opportunity for the public to hear a new track from DA's upcoming Vox Humana album, "Home Permanent." Interestingly, this is an early rough mix of the track. The compilation also includes tracks by Jerusalem, Marloe Scott Wilson, the Daniel Band, Dave Eastman and others.

  • Terry produced Shelter's Prophets And Clowns.

  • Jerry Chamberlain and Sharon McCall's band Boy-O-Boy records "That's What You Get", which was later released on "No Sense of History".

  • Isaac Air Freight's Freight's Designer Album is released. Ed McTaggart played drums on the album.

  • Broken Records is created out of Maranatha's A&S and MRC labels.

    Daniel Amos 1984 Doppelganger Tour Poster
    (1984 Doppelganger Tour Poster)

    January-April 1984

  • The Doppelganger Tour finds DA performing concerts in front of nearly 100,000 people across 60 cities in the United States and Canada.

    February 16, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Clearwater, Florida.

    February 21, 1984

  • Steve Taylor's Meltdown is released. Terry Taylor nearly produced the album.
    Steve: "...there was a time during the Meltdown album where I kicked around the idea of working with him. It just never came together... I admire Terry alot."
    Terry: "At one time, Street Level productions was sent a tape. The question was asked would I produce the person that was on the tape. Of course it was Steve Taylor. But that never happened. I don't know why it never happened. I thought that was interesting that we could have worked together. I hope sometime that it will happen."

  • Jacob's Trouble's Jerry Davidson first heard Daniel Amos' Horrendous Disc while still in high school. Several years later, Terry would be producing multiple albums for Jerry and his band Jacob's Trouble.
    Jerry: "It just blew me away. It had a tremendous impact on my songwriting as a Christian, helping me to see how I could keep my artistic standards and still say something."

    February 23, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Philadelphia, PA.

    February 24, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Boston, MA.

    February 25, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Houghton, NY.

    April 1984

  • Rob Watson (keyboards) joins DA.

    April 5, 1984

    John Mehler and Kenneth Nash's Light the Night is released. Alex MacDougall handled the art direction for the album.

    April 12, 1984

    Daniel Amos at Redwood City CA 1984
    (DA at the Fox Theater in Redwood City. Photo courtesy of Brian Martin.)
  • Daniel Amos performs in Redwood City, California at the Fox Theater. The Youth Choir opened the show.

    (DA Fox Theater Ticket courtesy of Kevin Lynn Brown.)
  • Following DA's performance in Redwood City, a listener of San Francisco's FM KQAK called into the station and got into a discussion with the Host Alex Bennett about Rock and Roll and New Wave bands with Christian Messages like U2, The Alarm and Daniel Amos. The listener also mentioned last night's DA concert in Redwood City. Bennett asked the listener to send in a copy of DA's album. KQAK programming personnel were impressed enough to add "Real Girls" to their regular playlist.

    April 13, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs at the Commodore Ballet Auditorium in Stockton, CA. with Randy Stonehill

    April 25, 1984

  • Randy Stonehill's Celebrate this Heartbeat is released on Myrrh Records. Tim Chandler plays bass on all songs except "Watcha Gonna Do About That" And "Stop The World."

    April 27, 1984

  • "What's Shakin'" is released on MRC, which includes a song by the Youth Choir and a song by Sharon McCall. Sharon's track includes husband Jerry Chamberlain on guitar, Tim Chandler on bass, Alex MacDougal on percussion, Randy Stonehill and Terry Taylor on background vocals.

    June 1, 1984

  • The Steve Carl Band's "Future Tense." Terry produced the album which also featured background vocals by Terry, Randy Stonehill and Jerry Chamberlain; Rob Watson on keyboards. Thom Roy engineered the album, which was recorded at White Field Studios.

    June 28-30, 1984

    Daniel Amos at Cornerstone 1984
    (Terry at Cornerstone, courtesy of theimagestudio.net)
  • Daniel Amos (Terry, Ed, Tim & Rob Watson) performs in Grayslake, Illinois at the first ever Cornerstone festival.
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    July 15, 1984

  • Mark Heard's Ashes and Light is released on Home Sweet Home Records. Future Swriling Eddie Dave "Raven" McSparran played drums and Tom Howard played keyboards.

    July 24, 1984

  • Maranatha! Music releases Psalms Alive 2 by the Calvary Chapel Worship Community. Alex MacDougall played percussion and Tom Howard played keyboards.

    August 1984

  • A Daniel Amos concert from April in Redwood City, CA is reviewed in CCM Magazine.
    "Pinocchio with a Punch"

    Vox Humana

    Daniel Amos ~ Vox Humana
  • Vox Humana is released.

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    Album Info & Lyrics

    Terry: "A lot of people I talk to think this was our best record. It was an eight track recording. Some of our more popular live songs are on that record -- 'Dance Stop', 'Sanctuary'. It had a cheesy, outer-space, 'War of the Worlds' theme to it. Very new wavy. But it also has some songs on it that I think transcend that time, such as 'Sanctuary'. I wish we'd done 'Sanctuary' during the Doppelganger phase. I think it might have sounded better. But I enjoy Vox Humana a lot. It has catchy kind of pop songs. It's very listenable and enoyable." (1996)

    Terry: "In regard to the sonics of recording, the syn drum sound (love it or hate it!) was a conscious musical decision and was in keeping with our idea of a kind of subdued robotic soundscape. Lyrically and sonically this was a kind of retro sci-fi thing, hinted at by some of the titles based on old Sci Fi movies of the 1950's/ early sixties, i.e. 'Rocket Packs,' 'When Worlds Collide,' the reference to the "...these fifty foot women" in 'Incredible Shrinking Man' etc. By the way, Greg Flesch joined the band in the middle of the project right after a 'Rocket Packs' 45rpm was issued to the Radio stations sans Gregs solo which obviously made it to the final recording."

    Rob Watson couldn't make it to the photo shoot for the cover of VH because he was on tour with Petra at the time, so they had a friend, Leo Sorentino (semi-pro basketball player and former road manager for the Choir... "Everybody in the band appreciated Leo.."), 'stand in' for him. The others on the cover are Terry, Ed, & Tim (Greg joined the band after the album was released). (Source: Terry Taylor)

    An early title for the album was Vox Robotica.

  • Greg Flesch (Lead Guitar) joins DA in time for the Vox Humana Tour.

    September 7, 1984

    Daniel Amos at Jubilation 84
    (Terry at Jubilation 84, courtesy of Dean Kurtz)
  • Daniel Amos performs at the Jubilation 84 Festival at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. Other performers include Phil Keaggy Band, Randy Stonehill Band, Steve Taylor and Some Band, The Altar Boys and Bryan Duncan.

    September 15, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Rochester, NY.

    Daniel Amos Vox Humana Button
    (1984 Vox Humana Button)

    Late September, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs at Camden Catholic High School in Camden, NJ.
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    September 20, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Greenville, Illinois.

    September 21, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Wheaton, Illinois.

    September 29, 1984

    (Ticket courtesy of Dale Urevig)
  • Daniel Amos performs at the Anwatin Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN.

    November 6, 1984

  • Steve and Annie Chapman's Circle of Two is released on Star Song Records. Alex MacDougall played percussion on the album.

    December 31, 1984

  • Daniel Amos performs in Denver, CO.

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