Horrendous Ad

The following letter was printed in CCM Magazine in response to Daniel Amos' advertisement for Horrendous Disc

I would like to register a complaint about an advertisement carried in the April issue of CCM magazine. Entitled, "The Horrendous Disc" (advertisement enclosed). This advertisement is in very poor taste. Lettering suggestive of blood hovering over a picture which has an eerie occultic glow about it accompanied by the caption, "Get it before it gets you!" is not in my opinion conducive to the sale of products wich are purportedly expressions of the Christian message. I would strongly suggest that you examine more closely the advertisements that you include in your magazine. As Christ is honored in many of the articles in your magazine, let him be honored by good, clean advertising as well.
Carroll B. Skinner
Christian Bookshop
Annapolis, MD.