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Part Two

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Side Projects Part Two


  • Adam Again - Dig (Intense)
    String Arrangements by Rob Watson.

  • The Brave - Battle Cries (Pakaderm)
    David Raven played drums and percussion.

  • Deliverance - Intense Live Volume One (Intense)
    Terry Produced.

  • Deliverance - Stay Of Execution (Intense)
    Terry Produced, Arranged, cowrote "From Once Was" with Jimmy Brown,
    Mike Grato & Mike Phillips.
    Deliverance covers "Horrendous Disc", written by Terry & Jerry Chamberlain,
    on which Terry sings background vocals.

  • Mark Heard - Second Hand (Fingerprint)
    Dave Raven plays drums.

  • Jacob's Trouble - ...Let The Truth Run Wild (Frontline)
    JT covers the DA classic, "Walls of Doubt".

  • Kindred - Quest for the City (Intense)
    Ed McTaggart did the art direction.

  • Mercy River - Coyote Moon (BAI)
    Terry produced. Terry mixed the album with Rob Watson.
    Engineered by Rob Watson with "Occasional Help" from Terry.
    Terry wrote "Reasonable Service", "Can't Go Around The Cross", "Elvis Has
    Left The Building, Jesus Is Coming Soon", cowrote "Coyote Moon" and
    "Shelf Life Of Love" with Randy Stonehill, "Dear Companion" with
    Harold Wayne and Greg Kellog, played 12 string guitar and sang
    background vocals.

  • Mortal - Lusis (?)
    Terry produced.

  • Pierce Pettis - Tinseltown (Highstreet)
    Tim plays bass, David Raven plays drums.

  • Sass Jordan - Racine (UNI/MCA)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Randy Stonehill - Wonderama (Myrrh)
    Terry produced, cowrote "Wonderama", "I Will Follow", "Barbie
    Nation", "Great Big Stupid World", "Lantern In The Snow" and
    "Wonderama Postlude", and sang background vocals.
    Tim plays bass, Rob plays Keyboards and Dave Raven plays drums.

  • Tourniquet - Psycho Surgery (Metal Blade/Intense)
    Ed McTaggart did the art direction.

  • Undercover - Devotion (BAI)
    Terry sang background vocals on "Promenade".

  • Various - At the Foot of the Cross, Volume 1 (Glass House)
    Greg Flesch arranged "Clouds, Rain, Fire," "Sanctus", and "Agnus Dei Dona Nobis Pacem".
    Greg cowrote "Kyrie", and "Teach Us To Love You". Greg also played guitar, Keyboards,
    Pipe Organ, Bells, Hammond Organ, Dulcimer, Electric Piano, Pump Organ, Accordion,
    String Bass, Recorder, and Piano. Tim plays bass. Jerry and Sharon sing.
    Rob plays Electric Piano.

  • Various - No Sense Of History (Alternative/Stunt)
    Tim Chandler, David Raven and Greg Flesh perform "Roll the Stone Away"
    as the Smokin Globes (David sings), David also performs "Eye of the Sun"
    with MojoMonkeys


  • Brotheredge - True Roll Model (Word)
    Rob Watson mixed.

  • The Choir - Kissers and Killers (Independent)
    Tim plays bass, cowrote "Kissers and Killers", "Weather Girl", and "Love Your Mind."

  • Deliverance - Learn (Intense)
    Deliverance covers "Sanctuary".

  • Die Happy - Intense Live Volume Four (Intense)
    Terry produced.

  • Dig Hay Zoose - Magentamantalovetree (BAI)
    Terry has a spoken part in "Secret".

  • Fear Not - Fear Not (Word)
    Ed McTaggart did the art direction.

  • Greg Ginn - Dick (Cruz)
    David Raven played drums, bass and guitar.

  • Greg Ginn - Getting Even (Cruz)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Greg Ginn - Payday-Remixes (Cruz)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Lowen and Navarro - Broken Moon (?)
    David Raven played drums and percussion.

  • Mortal - Fathom (Intense/Frontline)
    Terry produced.

  • Mortal - Intense Live Volume Five (Intense)
    Terry produced.

  • Riki Michele - One Moment Please (Broken)
    Recorded, engineered and Produced by Terry. Terry cowrote "Far, Far" with
    Randy Stonehill, "Light Of The World" with Ojo Taylor, "Love
    You Now" with Riki, and "In The Calling" with Gene Eugene.
    Terry wrote "Love Life and Dance".
    Tim plays bass, Rob Watson plays keyboards. The album also features the other Lost Dogs

  • Pierce Pettis - Chase the Buffalo (Highstreet)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Poindexter Stewart - College Rock (SST)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Poor Old Lu - Mindsize (Alarma!)
    Terry produced.

  • Rose - Intense Live Volume Three (Intense)
    Terry produced.

  • Scott Springer - Hello Forever (Pakaderm)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Randy Stonehill - Stories (Myrrh)
    Terry produced the New Tracks "I Thirst for You," "Charlie the Weatherman" and "The Hope of Glory (Acoustic Version)."
    Terry cowrote "Charlie the Weatherman" with Randy Stonehill/
    The Lost Dogs play the instruments and sing background vocals on the new tracks. Rob Watson plays keyboards.
    The album is dedicated with love to the memory of Mark Heard, "who always told the true story."

  • Sun 60 - Only (Epic)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Tourniquet - Intense Live Volume Two (Intense)
    Terry produced.


  • Paul Aldrich - The History of God and Man (?)
    Terry coproduced with Paul Aldrich and sang background vocals.

  • The Choir - Speckled Bird (REX)
    Tim plays bass, cowrote "Kissers and Killers", "Weather Girl", "Love Your Mind",
    "Speckled Bird", "Never More True", and "Spring".

  • Randy Stonehill - The Lazarus Heart (Street Level)
    Jerry and Sharon Chamberlain sing BGVs

  • Ken Tamplin - Tamplin (Benson)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Various - More Music from Northern Exposure (UNI/MCA)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Various - Strong Hand of Love (Fingerprint/Myrrh)
    Tim plays bass with the Choir on "Tip of my Tongue".


  • Crystal Lewis - Wild Blue Yonder (Metro One)
    Terry Produced , Wrote "Only One", and sang background vocals on the
    original LP. On this reissue, a duet between Terry and Crystal was "Created" using Terry's
    "telethon" version of "Only One" and the original WBY version.

  • Nina Astrom - Moods (?)
    Jerry Sings Background Vocals.

  • Petra - Petra Means Rock (Intense)
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion.

  • Various - At the Foot of the Cross, Volume 2 - Seven Last Words of Christ (Myrrh)
    Jerry and Sharon are credited for Vocal Arrangement help, and singing BGVs
    on "Forgive Us", "Why Have You Forsaken Me", and "I Thirst".
    Greg cowrote "Paradise" and "Come to the River" and played electric guitar on "Paradise",
    "Come to the River" and "It Is Finished".

  • Various - Noel (Via)
    Jerry and Sharon sing Lead Vocals on "I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day",
    and "O Come O Come Emmanuel". Jerry and Sharon also did the vocal arrangement
    for "O Come O Come Emmanuel". Jerry played guitar on "I Heard the Bells on
    Christmas Day" and "O Come O Come Emmanuel".

  • Various - Homecoming Hymns (Capitol)
    Alex MacDougall is the Executive Producer.


  • Leah Andreone - Veiled (BMG/RCA)
    David Raven played drums.

  • The Choir - Free Flying Soul (Tattoo)
    Tim played bass and occasional guitars. Tim also cowrote "Polar Boy",
    "Sled Dog", "The Chicken", "Slow Spin", and "Leprechaun"

  • Loam - Stereoscopic (Stunt)
    Terry is the Executive Producer with Tom Gulotta. Gene Eugene mixed.

  • Various - An Angel Tree Christmas (Chordant)
    Produced by Alex MacDougall.

  • Various - Hymns of Jesus (?)
    The Executive producer was Alex MacDougall.

  • Various - Never Say Dinosaur (Starsong)
    Rob arranged the strings.

  • Various - Pipe Organ Hymns (?)
    The Executive producer was Alex MacDougall.

  • Various - Tribute: The Songs of Andrae Crouch (Warner Brothers)
    Alex MacDougall sings.

  • The Waiting - Blue Belly Sky (?)
    Rob Watson plays keyboards.


  • The Choir - Let It Fly (Tattoo)
    Tim plays bass, and cowrote "Kissers and Killers", and "Sad Face".

  • Mark Insley - Good Country Junk (?)
    David Raven played drums.


  • Eden's Bridge - Celtic Psalms (?)
    Alex is the Executive Producer

  • Eric Henderson - Faces (?)
    Tim plays bass.

  • Steve Hindalong - Skinny (Cadence)
    Terry sings on "Skin Is Smooth." Tim Plays Bass on all but two tracks, as well
    as electric rhythm and lead guitars on "Diggin' Your Style".

  • The Insyderz - The Insyderz Present Skalleluia (Squint)
    Terry is credited for production assistance.

  • Jai - Heaven (BMG/RCA)
    Rob is credited for programming.

  • Jude - 430 N. Harper Ave. (Warner)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Kosmos Express - Simulcast (Sublime)
    Terry produced additional vocals. Rob arranged strings. Produced and recorded by Gene Eugene.

  • Lowen and Navarro - Scratch at the Door (Intersound)
    David Raven played drums and percussion.

  • Rich Young Ruler - Rich Young Ruler (Benson Road Rec)
    Terry Produced and wrote some songs. Mike Roe played guitars. Gene Eugene coproduced and Dan Michaels is the Executive Producer.

  • Tonio K - Ole (Gadfly)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Tonio K - Rodent Weekend (Gadfly)
    Tim played Bass, David Raven played drums and Rob played keyboards.

  • Various - Surfonic Water Revival Prerelease (KMG)
    View Album Reviews
    Terry was in the process of mixing, producing, and writing the album
    when the prerelease was printed. The prerelease contains early
    unmixed, unmastered, 50% complete rough versions of six
    of the twelve Surfonic tracks.

  • Various - Surfonic Water Revival (KMG)
    View Album Reviews
    Terry mixed, produced, and wrote 12 songs. Terry also
    played guitar and sang background vocals on the entire album.

  • Christafari - Reggae Worship: First Fruits (Frontline Records)
    Terry coproduced. Rob Watson is credited for Drum Programming.

  • Dean-O & The Dynamos - Soul Surfin' (FKO Music)
    Tim played bass. David Raven played drums.

  • Melanie Doane - Adam's Rib (Sony/Colombia)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Flight 180 - Lineup (BEC)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Rebekah Florence - Welcome to my Country (Groove House)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Phil Madeira - 3 Horse Shoes (Stunt/Silent Planet)
    Terry sings backing vocals on "Christmas this Year".

  • Kendall Payne - Jordan's Sister (EMD/Capitol)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Sandy Ross - Coloring Outside the Lines (Chartmaker)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Jeremy Toback - Another True Fiction (BMG/RCA)
    David Raven played drums and Percussion.

  • Various - Any Given Day (BEC Recordings)
    Terry is credited as one of four engineers.

  • Various - Gift (?)
    Art Direction by Alex MacDougall.

  • Various - Hurly Burly (Soundtrack) (Will Records)
    David Raven played drums.


  • The Choir - Flap Your Wings (Resolve/TheChoir.net)
    Terry is credited with additional production.

  • The Choir - Unplugged - Live at Cornerstone 2000 (M8 Limited Edition)
    Terry cowrote "Wicked Wicked World".

  • Glisten - Starlight Wishlist (Orchard)
    Terry is the executive producer and sings background vocals.

  • Fernando Ortega - Home (Sony/Word)
    Tim played Bass, David Raven played drums.

  • Little Willie G - Make Up For Lost Time (HighTone)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Various - When Worlds Collide (Ferriswheel)
    View Album Reviews
    I Love You #19 (Rick Altizer)/William Blake (Erin Echo)/
    Shotgun Angel (The 77's)/Alarma! (Phil Madeira)/
    Stone Away (Robert Hereindt)/Shedding The Mortal Coil (Starflyer 59)
    Hell Oh (Jeff Elbel and Ping)/Strange Animals (Street Angel)/
    Beautiful One (Randy Stonehill)/The Pool (JAP)/Hold Back The Wind,
    Donna (Sideways8)/Blowing Smoke (Jimmy A)/Through The Speakers (DAS)/
    Real Girls (Joy Gewalt)/Incredible Shrinking Man (Truck)/Hound of Heaven
    (Larry Norman)/It's The 80's (Poole)/(Out of) the Wild Wood (The Throes)

  • Fernando Ortega - Camino Largo (Myrrh)
    Tim played bass.

  • Starflyer59 - Leave Here A Stranger (BEC)
    Terry produced. Rob Watson mixed with Chris Colbert.

  • Uncle Stonehill - Uncle Stonehill's Hat (Holy Sombrero!)
    Terry produced & cowrote much of the music.

  • Various - Surf Battle at Redondo Beach (BEC)
    Rob Watson plays Keyboards.

  • Bon Voyage - The Right Amount (Tooth & Nail Records)
    Terry produced the vocals.

  • Derri Daugherty - A Few Unfinished Songs ep (Low-Fi)
    Terry coproduced with Derri.

  • Fine China - You Make Me Hate Music (Tooth and Nail)
    Recorded and Produced by Jason Martin and Terry Taylor.

  • Riki Michele - Surround Me (Galaxy21)
    Tim plays bass.

  • Fernando Ortega - Night Of Your Return (BCI)
    Tim played Bass.

  • Fernando Ortega - Storm (Sony/Word)
    Tim played Bass.

  • Mike V and the Rats - Mike V and the Rats (Indecision Records)
    Ed handles art direction and design.

  • Mike Vallely with Joe Grushecky - A Weekend in Pittsburgh (Maranthon Recordings)
    Ed handles art direction and design.

  • Wayne Everett - Kingsqueens (Northern Records)
    Some arrangements by Terry.

  • Tijuana Dogs - No. 2 (Self Released)
    Ed handles art direction.


  • Vekora - Vekora (Fools of the World)
    Terry produced.

  • Kerosene Halo - Live Simple (?)
    Kerosene Halo covers "That's Where Jesus Is."


  • Tim Moon - Remnant (Self Released)
    Tim covers "Hound of Heaven," and "That's Where Jesus Is" and "Built For Glory, Made to Last"
    along with songs by Chuck Girard, Mark Heard, Larry Norman and others.
    The album was produced, engineered, arranged and mixed by Phil Keaggy.

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