Coyote Moon

Between the Glory and the Flame

Coyote Moon

Mercy River

1992 Brainstorm Artists International
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor for Stunt Productions
Executive Producers: Gene Eugene and Ojo Taylor

Coyote Moon

1. Reasonable Service
2. Home
3. Love's Getting Closer
4. Coyote Moon
5. I Believe
6. Can't Go Round The Cross
7. Shelf Life Of Love
8. Elvis Has Left The Building, Jesus Is Coming Soon
9. Cool Water
10. Wrong Place At The Right Time
11. Hearts On Fire
12. Dear Companion


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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed at Mixing Lab B; McCrummy Music Studio; Neverland
Engineered and Recorded by Rob Watson, with occasional Help by Greg Kellogg, Harold Wayne, Gene Eugeneand Terry Taylor.
Mastered by Steve Hall


Layout and Design by Court Patton and Tom Gulotta

The Band:

Harold Wayne: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Greg Kellogg: Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Banjo and Backing Vocals
Randy Stonehill: Acoustic Guitar on "Coyote Moon."
Mike Roe: Guitar
Rob Watson: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tim Chandler: Bass
David Raven: Drums
James Sherlock: Snare
James Sitterly: Fiddle
Brennon Wayne Bloemendaal: Child's Voice



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