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Side Projects Part One


  • The Way - The Way (Maranatha)
    Alex MacDougall played drums


  • Various - Maranatha 4 (Maranatha)
    Ed McTaggart played drums on two songs by The Road Home,
    "Since I Met Jesus" and "Psalm 5".


  • Dogwood - After The Flood, Before The Fire (Home Sweet Home)
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion.

  • Spring Canyon - Untitled (Warner Brothers - Unreleased)
    Mark Cook played keyboards for the band.

  • The Way - Can It Be? (Maranatha)
    Alex MacDougall played drums for the band


  • David Diggs - Out on A Limb (PBR)
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion.

  • Richie Furay - I've Got A Reason (Elektra)
    Alex MacDougall played percussion

  • Maranatha! Singers - Praise II
    Musicians include Steve Baxter, Jerry Chamberlain,
    Alex MacDougall and Terry Taylor

  • Becky Ugartechea - House Between Two Rivers (Maranatha)
    Alex MacDougall played percussion


  • Elisha - Elisha (Lamb)
    Elisha covers "Love In A Yielded Heart", "Don't Light Your Own Fire" and "Abidin"

  • Larry Norman - Something New Under The Sun (Solid Rock, Released in 1981)
    Alex MacDougall played drums.


  • The Boones - First Class (Lamb & Lion)
    The Boone Girls cover "Father's Arms".

  • Karen Lafferty - Sweet Communion (Maranatha!)
    Terry & Jerry sing background vocals on "Peace through the Day".
    Alex plays percussion

  • Salvation Air Force - Zero Avenue (SAF)
    Alex plays drums on "I Am Just A Lover."

  • Various - Come Back Soon (Sangre)
    Alex played drums on Steve Scott's "Come Back Soon", Panacea's (Jimmy Abegg)
    "Mountain Climber" and Sharon McCall's "Too Many Reasons". Alex played percussion
    on The Stratton Band's "The Athiest Lament", Matthew Brown's "Trapped in the Game",
    Panacea's "Love is Waiting", and John Reitz's "Fighting on the Mountain".
    Beau MacDougall played guitar on Steve Scott's "Come Back Soon".
    Sharon McCall performs "Too Many Reasons", and sings BGV's on Matthew Brown's
    "Trapped in the Game", Wind's "Because of your Love", Panacea's "Mountain Climber",
    and Shelter's "Bridge Builder".
    Marty played bass on Steve Scott's "Come Back Soon", Wind's "When There Was You",
    Matthew Brown's "Trapped in the Game", Panacea's "Mountain Climber", and
    Sharon McCall's "Too Many Reasons".
    Terry and Jerry sang BGV's on Sharon's "Too Many Reasons".


  • Mark Heard - Appalachian Melody (Solid Rock)
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion and congas.

  • Becky Ugartechea - Look By Faith (Maranatha)
    Alex MacDougall played percussion


  • Larry Norman - Roll Away The Stone (Phydeaux)
    Alex MacDougall played Drums

  • Salvation Air Force - Prayer Warriors on Parade (SAF)
    Alex plays drums on "At the Border."

  • Salvation Air Force - Not Sleep Music (SAF)
    Ed plays drums on "Whatever Comes First" and "It's Only Love." Alex plays drums on "Passing Glances."

  • Randy Stonehill - The Sky Is Falling (Solid Rock)
    Alex MacDougall plays drums and percussion


  • Mark Heard - Stop the Dominoes (Home Sweet Home)
    Alex plays percussion.

  • Tom Howard - Danger In Loving You (Newpax)
    Terry coproduced with Tom Howard. Terry Taylor, Jerry Chamberlain,
    Randy Stonehill and Bill Batstone sing background vocals.

  • Beau MacDougall - This Side of Heaven (Milk & Honey)
    Beau (Alex's brother) sang and played guitar, Tom Howard played keys,
    Marty played bass, Alex plays percussion, Jerry sang BGVs.
    Tha album was produced by Alex and Beau MacDougall.

  • Maranatha! Singers - Praise V: Time to Praise the Lord (Maranatha!)
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion

  • Petra - Never Say Die
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion

  • Randy Stonehill - Between The Glory & The Flame (Myrrh)
    Terry Produced. Jerry sings Backing Vocals, plays Lead And Rhythm Guitar
    om Howard sings Backing Vocals, plays Synthesizer String Arrangement,
    Piano, Harmonium, and Acoustic Guitar, Marty Dieckmeyer plays Bass Guitar
    Ed McTaggart plays Drums & Percussion, Alex MacDougall plays Percussion
    Terry Taylor plays the Electric Slide Guitar.

  • Various - God Loves Country Music (Maranatha!)
    Terry sings Lead Vocals on "The Christian Life".


  • Paul Clark - Drawn to the Light
    Rob Watson plays synthesizer (Prophet-5)

  • Malcolm & the Mirrors - Red Alert
    Rob Watson plays keyboards and percussion, sings background vocals.

  • Pat Terry - Humanity Gangsters
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion

  • Various - Back to the Rock
    Rob Watson's band Tamarack performs "Good Times Bad Times" & "Here I Am".
    Rob also plays keyboards on John Mehler's "Can't Live Without Him", and
    wrote "Good Times Bad Times".


  • Evie - Hymns
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion. The album was
    also engineered by Derri Daugherty.

  • Tom Howard - Untitled (?) Unreleased LP
    Terry Produced with Mark Heard.

  • Randy Stonehill - Equator (Myrrh)
    Terry Produced & is credited as the "Man In The Audience On 'Big Ideas'".
    Album Cover concept by Randy and Terry. Tom Howard plays keyboards,
    Tim Chandler plays bass, Alex plays percussion, Ed and Terry play drums on "China",
    BGV's by Tom Howard, Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall, Ed & Janet
    McTaggart, Terry Taylor, Beau MacDougall, Leslie Phillips, and others,
    Bagpipes, Vibes & Xylophone by Doll (MacDougall) Gallienne,
    Ethel Murman's Assailant On "Big Ideas" is Jerry Chamberlain,
    Jamaican Choir On "Shut De Do": Randy Stonehill, Tom & Dori Howard,
    Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall amd others, Handclaps by Randy,
    Jerry Chamberlain, Sharon McCall, Tim Alderson, & Terry Taylor
    Additional Keyboards by Mark Cook & Rob Watson, The Singing Waitresses
    are Shari Larson, Jackie Goushe, Dori Howard, and Sharon McCall
    Additonal Electric Rhythm Guitar by Derri Daugherty, Fast Food Patron is Jerry Chamberlain
    Lead Guitars by Jim "Nuclear" Nicholson, Jerry Chamberlain & Tim Chandler,
    "Star Trek" Soprano Solo: Janet McTaggart.

  • Various - What's Shakin' (MRC)
    Sharon McCall performs "From the Grave", with Jerry Chamberlain on lead guitar,
    Tim Chandler on bass, Alex MacDougal on Percussion, Randy Stonehill and
    Terry Taylor sing back ground vocals.
    Alex MacDougall handles Art Direction.


  • Calvary Chapel Worship Community - Psalms Alive 2
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion. Tom Howard plays keyboards

  • Steve & Annie Chapman - Circle of Two (?)
    Alex plays percussion.

  • Mark Heard - Ashes and Light (Home Sweet Home)
    Dave "Raven" McSparran plays drums, Tom Howard plays keys.

  • Isaac Air Freight - Freight's Designer Album
    Ed McTaggart plays drums

  • John Mehler & Kenneth Nash - Light the Night
    Art Direction by Alex MacDougall

  • Shelter - Prophets and Clowns (Rooftop Records)
    Terry Produced and sang background vocals, Ed McTaggart played percussion and Rob Watson played keyboards.

  • Randy Stonehill - Celebrate This Heartbeat (Myrrh)
    Tim plays bass on all songs except "Watcha Gonna Do About That" And "Stop The World"


  • Mark Heard - Mosaics (Home Sweet Home)
    Terry, Tim and Ed painted fragments of the cover, along with Ray Ware, Randy Stonehill,
    TBone Burnett, Leslie Phillips, Tonio K, Tom Howard, Pat Terry, Bill Batstone and
    other friends of Mark's.
    Dave "Raven" McSparran plays drums, Tom Howard plays keys.

  • The Imitators - Once and For All (Exile)
    Ed designed the cover and insert layout, Alex took the photographs.

  • Kids Praise - Kids Praise 5 (Maranatha!)
    Art Coordination by Alex MacDougall

  • Twila Paris - Kingdom Seekers (?)
    Alex plays Percussion.

  • Randy Stonehill - Love Beyond Reason (Myrrh)
    David Raven plays drums

  • Marloe Scott Wilson - The Pink Lady (refuge records)
    Terry wrote "Picture Window" and cowrote "I Believe In Loving You"


  • Altar Boys - Gut Level Music (Frontline)
    Terry coproduced with Rob Watson. Ed designed the cover.

  • Bloodgood - Bloodgood
    Art Direction by Ed McTaggart. Engineered by Doug Doyle

  • The Choir - Diamonds In Rain (Myrrh)
    Tim plays bass and cowrote "Fear Only You", and "All That Is You". Jerry sings BGVs.

  • Common Bond - Heaven Is Calling (Broken)
    Terry and Rob Watson sang background vocals, Jerry played lead guitar
    and sang background vocals,and Ed designed the cover.

  • Crumbacher - Escape from the Fallen Planet (Frontline)
    Ed designed the cover.

  • D.O.X. - D.O.X. (Frontline)
    Terry Produced, arranged and sang background vocals.
    Wrote "The Hungering Dark/Light Ship", & "(In My) Dream Of Heaven".

  • Fourth Watch - Dare To Be The One
    Art Direction by Ed McTaggart.

  • Lifesavers - A Kiss of Life (Frontline)
    Ed designed the cover.

  • Carson Cole and RU4 - Mainstreet (Frontline)
    Terry Produced, arranged and sang background vocals.
    Wrote "Kingdom Come", & co-wrote "Serenity".
    Tim Chandler played bass and Greg Flesch played lead guitar.
    Ed designed the cover.

  • Randy Stonehill - The Wild Frontier (Myrrh)
    Jerry plays guitar and sings bgv's, Rob plays keyboards,
    and Alex plays percussion.

  • Tonio K - Romeo Unchained (What?)
    Tim Plays Bass.

  • Wild Blue Yonder - Wild Blue Yonder (Frontline)
    Terry Produced, and sang background vocals.
    Wrote "Only One". Ed Designed the cover.


  • Altar Boys - Against The Grain (Frontline)
    Terry Produced. Ed designed the cover. Rob Watson and Doug Doyle mixed.

  • Common Bond - Anger Into Passion (Frontline)
    Terry sings background vocals. Common Bond covers DA's "Walls Of Doubt".

  • Ideola (Mark Heard) - Tibal Opera (What?)
    Dave Raven hit stuff, along with Steve Hindalong and others.

  • Isaac Air Freight - Over Our Heads (Frontline)
    Terry Produced, and is listed as a musician and a "Cast member". Other musicians on the
    album include Doug Doyle, Greg Flesch, Tim Chandler, Ed McTaggart and John Mehler.
    Ed designed the cover.

  • Phil Keaggy - The Wind and the Wheat (?)
    Alex MacDougall plays percussion.

  • LSU - Shaded Pain (Frontline)
    Art Direction by Ed McTaggart.


  • Crumbacher - Tame the Volcano (Frontline)
    Ed designed the cover.

  • Ojo Taylor - Relative (Broken)
    Terry sang lead vocals on "He Fell In The Water".

  • Mike Stand - Do I Stand Alone (Alarma!)
    Produced by Rob Watson. Rob also plays keyboards.
    Tim plays bass, Alex MacDougall plays percussion and David Raven plays drums.

  • Tonio K - Notes from the Lost Civilization (What?)
    David Raven played Synthesizer. Tim, Rob and David are also listed as arrangers.


  • The Choir - Wide Eyed Wonder (Myrrh)
    Tim cowrote "Someone to Hold On To", "Spin You Around", "Car, etc" and was featured
    in the "Choir Choir" on "Car, etc".

  • Jacob's Trouble - Door Into Summer (Frontline)
    Terry Produced, Cowrote "Awfully Familiar" with Jacob's Trouble,
    played acoustice guitar and sang background vocals.

  • Riki Michele - Big Big Town (?)
    Terry wrote lyrics for "Ghost In The Rain".

  • Veil of Ashes - Pain (Graceland)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.


  • Adam Again - Homeboys (Broken Records)
    Terry wrote the lyrics to "Occam's Razor".

  • Bob Bennett - Lord of the Past (Urgent)
    Alex MacDougall played Percussion.

  • Thad Bosley - Who Can Change The World? (Bellmark)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • The Choir - Circle Slide (Myrrh)
    Jerry and Sharon sing BGVs on "Merciful Eyes".

  • Chuck Girard - Fire and Light (Myrrh)
    Coproduced by Chuck Girard and Rob Watson. Rob plays keyboards and Tim plays bass.

  • Jon Gibson - On The Run (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Mark Heard - Dry Bones Dance (Fingerprint)
    Jerry and Sharon sing BGS on "Everything is Alright", "Mercy of the Flame"
    and "Fire".

  • Jacob's Trouble - Knock, Breath, Shine (Frontline)
    Terry Produced, Directed, Cowrote "Look At U Now", "Islands, Buildings and
    Freeways", "There Goes My Heart Again", & "I'm A Little World" with Jerry Davidson.
    Cowrote "Beggars and Kings" with Jerry Davidson & Randy Stonehill.
    Terry also sang background vocals.

  • Lowen and Navarro - Walking on a Wire (PGD/Polygram)
    David Raven played drums and percussion.

  • Scaterd Few - Sin Disease (?)
    Terry Coproduced with Ramald & Omar Domkus, Cowrote "Kill The Sarx II
    (Apocalypse)" with Greg Flesch, Ramald & Omar Domkis.
    Terry also wrote the sleeve notes.

  • Randy Stonehill - Until We Have Wings (Myrrh)
    Jerry and Sharon Chamberlain sing BGV's, Dave Raven plays drums.


  • Altar Boys - The Collection (Alarma)
    Terry Produced and wrote the liner notes.

  • Apocalypse - Holiness or Hell (?)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Cindy Cruse - Small Town Girl (?)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Children of the Consuming Fire - Children of the Consuming Fire (?)
    Rob Watson plays keyboards.

  • Stephen Crumbacher - Take It In (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Deliverance - What A Joke (Intense)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Dig Hay Zoose - Struggle Fish (BAI)
    Terry Produced.

  • Rick Elias - Ten Stories (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Mark Farner - Some Kind of Wonderful (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Amy Grant - Heart in Motion (Myrrh)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Guardian - Fire and Love (Sony/Word)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Tom Howard - Beyond The Barriers (Myrrh)
    Band members include Greg Flesch, Tim Chandler and Dave Raven.

  • Idle Cure - Inside Out (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Mad At The World - Boomerang (Alarma!)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Mortification - Mortification (Intense)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Nicole - Don't Let Me Go (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Micahel OMartian - The Race (Word/Epic)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Sacred Warrior - Obsessions (Intense)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Sanctuary - Praise (Intense)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Street Called Straight - Street Called Straight (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Sun 60 - Sun 60 (Epic)
    David Raven played drums.

  • Ken Tamplin - Soul Survivor (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Twelfth Tribe - Knowledge Is The Tribe Of Life (Intense)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Various - Long Play Bluegrass Gospel (Maranatha!)
    Alex MacDougall is the Executive Producer.

  • Vengeance Rising - Destruction Comes (Intense)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

  • Washington - Serious (Frontline)
    Ed McTaggart handled art direction.

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