Uncle Stonehill's Hat

Uncle Stonehill's Hat

Uncle Stonehill's Hat

Uncle Stonehill

2001 Holy Sombrero!
Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
Executive Producer: Ray Ware


1. Henry & Kate Say The Password
2. Theme Song To Uncle Stonehill's Hat (Stonehill/Taylor)
3. Slide Into The Workshop
4. Curious (Stonehill/Taylor)
5. The Not-So-Wise Swedish Grandfather
6. Mouse In My House
7. Kate Picks A Room
8. Switzerland (Stonehill/Taylor)
9. The Living Room - Oh Bliss
10. Toes
11. Little Anthony And His Uncles & Ants
12. World's Shortest Song (Stonehill/Taylor)
13. Carmen Myanta
14. Shut De Do
15. The Inside Garden
16. Mister Snail
17. The Telescope
18. Beanies & Franks (Stonehill/Taylor)
19. Admiral Pants Daily On
20. Stormy Winds
21. Bob Me-Myself&I
22. My Destiny (Stonehill/Taylor)
23. The Kitchen And The Many Cooks
24. All The Wondrous Pies (Stonehill/Taylor)
25. The Golden Door
26. Valley Of The Echoes (Stonehill/Taylor)
27. Whipped Cream Pillows
28. Reprise: Uncle Stonehill's Hat (Stonehill/Taylor)

All Songs written by Randy and Sandi Stonehill unless otherwise noted. ©2001 Holy Sombrero! Entertainment LLC

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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed at the Green Room
Engineered and Mixed by Chris Colbert
Mastered by Eric Wolfe at Wolfe Mastering
Edited by Doug Moss


Art Direction by Mike Sares
Design & Layout: Resse Roper
Photography: Melinda DiMauro
Character Animation by Jack Whitney
Webmeisters: Eric Townsend & Jason Townsend

The Cast:

Randy Stonehill: as "Uncle Stonehill"
PJ Clarke as "Henry"
Noelle Taylor as "Kate"

The Musicians:

Arranged by Rob Watson
Randy Stonehill: Guitars, Lead and Backing Vocals
Ed McTaggart: Drums on "Mister Snail"
Anna Cardenas: Backing Vocals
Erick Schanke: Backing Vocals



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