Surfonic Water Revival


Surfonic Water Revival

Various Artists

1998 KMG Records
Produced By Terry Scott Taylor

Surfonic Water Revival

1. "Wave Perfect" (Taylor) - Performed by Smalltown Poets with Paul Johnson
2. "California Blue" (Taylor) - Performed by Brother's Keeper with Phil Keaggy
3. "A Good Sailor Knows" (Taylor) - performed by The Insyderz
4. "Endless Summer pt 2" (Taylor) - performed by Chuck Girard with Paul Johnson
5. "Surfer Girl Replies" (Taylor) - performed by Plumb
6. "Into the Deep" (Taylor) - performed by Terry Scott Taylor
7. "Thrill Seeker" (Taylor) - Performed by Plankeye
8. "The Sun Comes Out Again" (Taylor) - performed by Randy Stonehill with Havalina Rail Co.
9. "Pay For Surf" (Taylor) - performed by Daniel Amos
10. "Gold Coast" (Altizer/Liles/Krippayne/Siler) - performed by Rebecca St. James
11. "Sister Mariana Trench" (Taylor) - performed by Silage
12. "Surfer's Paradise" (Taylor) - performed by All Star United with Phil Keaggy
13. "Oyster" (Altizer/Liles) - performed by Rick Altizer
14. "Last Day of Summer" (Altizer/Liles) - performed by Skillet
15. "Caught Inside" (Instrumental) - performed by The O.C. Supertones
16. "The Net" (Taylor) - performed by Lost Dogs with Rich Young Ruler
17. "Wave Perfect" (instrumental) - Paul Johnson on lead guitar

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Recording Information

Produced by Terry Scott Taylor
Executive Producer: Kent Songer
Co-Executive Producer: David Bahnsen
Recorded at The "Fabulous" Green Room in Huntington Beach, California, Frontpage Recorders in Glendale, Arizona, and "The Mission" in Nashville, Tennessee
Recorded by Terry Taylor, Gene Eugene and Phil Madeira.
Mixed by Terry Taylor and Gene Eugene.


"Gold Coast" produced by Rick Altizer and Tedd T.
recorded at Papa Goose Studios, Antenna Studios, Brentwood, Tennessee
mixed by Julian Kindred.
"California Blue" recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.
Engineered by Pete Matthews.
Vocals produced by Kevin Paige.
"Wave Perfect" Vocals and overdubs recorded at Twelve Oaks Recording studios and Soundstage, Sayrna, California.
Engineered by Randy Bugg.
Vocals produced by Michael Gleason.
"Last Day of Summer" produced by Skidd Mills and Skillet.
recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.
engineered by Skidd Mills
assistant engineer: Brad Blackwood
"Oyster" recorded and mixed at Papa Goose Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.
Engineered and produced by Rick Altizer.
"Caught Inside" recorded at West Beach Studios, Hollywood, California.
Produced by Steve Kravac.
Mixed at A&M Studios.

The Band:

Andy Prickett: Guitars
Dave Raven: Drums
Tim Chandler: Bass Guitar
Terry Scott Taylor: Guitars
Steve Hindalong: Percussion
Phil Madeira: Keyboards
Ballum Rosedryol: Keyboards

Additional Musicians:

Paul Johnson: Guitars on "Endless Summer (Part 2)" and "Wave Perfect"
Phil Keaggy: Guitars on "Surfer's Paradise" and "California Blue"
Jerry Chamberlain: Guitars on "Pay For Surf"
Ed McTaggart: Drums on "Pay For Surf" and "Into The Deep"
Mike Roe: Background Vocals and Guitars on "Surfer Girl Replies"
Gene Eugene: Piano, Arp Synthesizer on "Into The Deep," Farfisa on "Pay For Surf."
Rick Altizer: Guitars and Percussion on "Gold Coast." All instruments and vocals on "Oyster."
James Gregory: Bass Guitar on "Gold Coast."
Raymond Boyd: Drums on "Gold Coast."
Background vocals provided by: Terry Taylor, Frank Drennen, Wayne Everett, Rob Bender, and Mead Chesebro.



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