There Goes My Heart Again

from the album Knock, Breathe, Shine

There Goes My Heart Again

Recorded by Jacob's Trouble for their album Knock, Breathe, Shine (1990)

©1990 Words and Music by Terry Taylor and Jerry Davison

I must admit I had my doubts
I let You in but kept You out
Forgot my reasons why
Just hold me when I cry

There goes my heart again, can't help but fall for You
I never thought my Friend I'd feel the way I do
There's no words to say, You take my breath away
Back on my feet, but then, there goes my heart again

You bent Your force, I stood my ground
I built a wall, You broke it down
You saw the need in me, the child I want to be
And now I wanna get to know You much better
(So much better now)
Now that my heart has come around
(Repeat chorus)


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