Beggars and Kings

from the album Knock, Breathe, Shine

Beggars and Kings

Recorded by Jacob's Trouble for their album Knock, Breathe, Shine (1990)

©1990 Words and Music by Randy Stonehill, Terry Taylor and Jerry Davison

Doves descending on the pure of heart (All God's children)
He speaks a word and the waters part (For all God's children)
I've seen the rain fall on sinner and saint
And I've seen the Spirit call the small and the great
Who'll feel the rush of His wings?
Beggars and kings

Love descending from a holy place (All God's children)
The King of Glory wears a beggar's face (All God's children)
I've seen the sun melt the cold winter snow
I've seen the humble rise, the mighty laid low
All under judgement He'll bring
Beggars and kings

Madmen and children
We're lost in the night
A stranger, a Saviour holds out the light
To beggars and kings

Songs ascending through the shattered sky (All God's children)
The humble follow while the proud men cry (All God's children)
I've seen the sword slay the rich and the poor
And I've seen the heart at rest thru winter and war
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
For beggars and kings


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