Awfully Familiar

from the album Door Into Summer

Awfully Familiar

Recorded by Jacob's Trouble for their album Door Into Summer (1989)

©1989 Words and Music by Steve Atwell, Mark Blackburn, Jerry Davison and Terry Scott Taylor

Everyday the world keeps spinning faster, round and round
It never stops
And everyday the news reports disaster 'round the world
Around the clock
Just like it was is Noah's days
Compassion gets lost in the haze

Something seems awfully familiar about this scene
I've seen this place before. Was it in a dream?
Is it just me? Do you see it too?
Coincidence or deja vu?
Something seems awfully familiar about this scene
(Ahh, awfully familiar...)

Prophecy, like jigsaw puzzle pieces
One by one fall into place
History may often be repeated
But it cannot be erased
Battle lines are clearly drawn
The question is, which side will we be on?
(Repeat chorus)

Silver clouds bring latter rain descending down and down
It never stops
Lightning quick, beginning without ending
Then I feel one rain drop
We'll build an ark like Noah's day
And when the rain comes down we'll sail away
(Repeat chorus)


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