Meat the Farm Beetles


Meat the Farm Beetles

The Farm Beetles

1998 Ed presents...

Meat the Farm Beetles

1. Yisterdie
2. Hilter Skilter
3. Strawburry Fields
4. A Day In the Laff
5. Imagin'
6. Within Ya, Without Ya
7. Bertday
8. Ravolution # Niner
9. 'n In Thee Ind

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Recording Information

(Recorded during the sessions for Fearful Symmetry)


Produced by Georgie Porgie Martin
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Shucked 1986-1997 by Cap'n Doug at Cap'n Doug's Minute Mix and Music Barn
Artwork by Andy U-Haul
Layout by Deere John Lettering

The Farm Beetles:

Paul Bob: Vocals,Bass, Plough
John Boy: Vocals, Banjo, Tractor
George Bob: Fiddle, Steel Guitar, Pitchfork, Silo
Ringo: Drums, Rake

With Special Guests:
Billy Shears: Shears
Arnold Ziffle: Grunts, Squeals



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