Endless Summer Part 2

from the album Surfonic Water Revival

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
Performed by Chuck Girard with Paul Johnson
©1998 Broken Songs (ASCAP)

We've come through a tidal wave
up from an ocean grave
Earth and thunder
roll, but in sight again
sun shining bright again
Signs and wonders concealed
now revealed

Down and then up again
God fills our cup again
Grace is falling
rain for the thirsty man
Sinners and saints we stand
by our calling
Clouds lifting now

Set sail to an Endless Summer

We've been to an ocean floor,
stopped counting anymore
lost horizons
Some have abandoned ship
At times along the trip-
we know
take their toll

But through the changing tides,
faithful the One who guides
Our Redeemer
chooses to show the way
to strays and stowaways
Fools and dreamers come
to the land of the Son


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