Last Day of Summer

from the album Surfonic Water Revival

Words and Music by Altizer/Liles
Performed by Skillet
©1998 Broken Songs (ASCAP)

Storm clouds rush the shore
Ocean fills with tears
Life speeds up, time slips by
Minutes measure up to years

The sun breaks through the clouds
Blinking briefly on the bay
Casting diamonds here and there
Just before it slips away

The last day of summer
drifts out on the wind
Never returning
still it's not the end
It's just the last day of summer
wake up from the dream
Life goes on until it's gone
night is never empty as it seems

As the shadows fall
Somewhere someone lights a fire
Dancing like a distant sun
Like a walker on a wire

As fragile as a flower
As mighty as a tidal wave
A prayer rises on the wind
A seagull cries as if to say


Sunset has no hidden meaning
Only beauty, silent as time
Melting slowly into the sea
As stars like angels rise and shine


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