California Blue

from the album Surfonic Water Revival

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
Performed by Brother's Keeper with Phil Keaggy
©1998 Broken Songs (ASCAP)

(Little Corona is the name of a section of beach in Southern California
where each year hundreds of people come to get baptized in the waters of
the Pacific. This song is dedicated to them.)

Come on down to California Blue
Bring your old man
your old lady too
Plunge in, then out
you will be like new
Catch a ride, get inside
that big California Blue

For some it's just a gold rush
'cause fools gold does entice
But deep beneath the surface
lies a Pearl of Great Price
And to those who take possession
there's salvation, love, and glory
Their old clothes change to garments white
in this rags to riches story

I was in town so I thought I'd phone ya,
see how you're doin', and say "Aloha"
If you're inclined, we'll drive to California,
make our way out to Little Corona

Here seagulls are descending
like a flock of holy Doves
A promise of an endless summer,
sunshine and eternal love
And if you want a happy ending
of salvation, love, and glory
Climb down the cliffs to the surf and sand
where you'll hear the Old Old Story


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