Thrill Seeker

from the album Surfonic Water Revival

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
Performed by PlankEye
©1998 Broken Songs (ASCAP)

And if you wanna be a thrill seeker
well, give a slip to that boy
It takes a man to pray
Another thrill seeker
Well then, ship ahoy
and anchor away

Land lubber, land locked
Who'll kick you off the big rock
and out into the open sea?
You talk back, walk plank
Someone's gotta pull rank,
combat your lack of energy


Knees weak, yellow streak
runnin' down the back seat
Driver meets his Waterloo
Land sakes, land ho
no go and a no show
Cool it or you lose your cool


Why don't you cut that rope
admit you're wrong,
that you got as much hope
as the day is long
You're just hangin' out
and the slack is gone
You're gonna hang yourself
from the fence you're on


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